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HELLER, Florian
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12022MyLYL: Towards Flexible Interaction Design for Operator Assistance SystemsVAN DEN BERGH, Jan ; HELLER, Florian Proceedings PaperC1
22021An Interactive Design Space for Wearable DisplaysHELLER, Florian ; TODI, Kashyap ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1
32021Quantified Cycling Safety: Towards a Mobile Sensing Platform to Understand Perceived Safety of CyclistsMatviienko, Andrii; HELLER, Florian ; Pfleging, BastianProceedings PaperC1
42021Muffidgets: Detecting and Identifying Edible Pastry Tangibles on Capacitive TouchscreensHELLER, Florian Proceedings PaperC1
52021CODA: A Design Assistant to Facilitate Specifying Constraints and Parametric Behavior in CAD ModelsVEUSKENS, Tom ; HELLER, Florian ; RAMAKERS, Raf Proceedings PaperC1
62020Attracktion: Field Evaluation of Multi-Track Audio as Unobtrusive Cues for Pedestrian NavigationHELLER, Florian ; Adamczyk, Jelco; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1
72020Wearable Touchscreens to Integrate Augmented Reality and Tablets for Work Instructions?VAN DEN BERGH, Jan ; HELLER, Florian Journal ContributionA1
82020Impact of Situational Impairment on Interaction with Wearable DisplaysHELLER, Florian ; VANACKEN, Davy ; GEURTS, Eva ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC2
92019Scaling Crowdsourcing with Mobile Workforce : A Case Study with Belgian Postal ServiceAcer Günay, Utku; van den Broeck, Marc; Forlivesi, Claudio; HELLER, Florian ; Kawsar, FahimJournal ContributionA1
102019TaskHerder: A Wearable Minimal Interaction Interface for Mobile and Long-lived Task ExecutionHELLER, Florian ; LUYTEN, Kris Proceedings PaperC1
112018YAWN: Yet Another Wearable ToolkitThar, Jan; Stönner, Sophy; HELLER, Florian ; Borchers, JanProceedings PaperC1
122018NavigaTone: Seamlessly Embedding Navigation Cues in Mobile Music ListeningHELLER, Florian ; SCHOENING, Johannes Proceedings PaperC1
132018CutCAD - An Open-Source Tool to Design 3D Objects in 2DHELLER, Florian ; Thar, Jan; Lewandowski, Dennis; Hartmann, Mirko; Schoonbroodit, Pierre; Stoenner, Sophy; Voelker, Simon; Borchers, JanProceedings PaperC1
142017HapticToolkit - Easily Integrate and Control Vibration Motor Arrays for WearablesThar, Jan; HELLER, Florian ; Stoenner, Sophy; Borchers, JanProceedings PaperC1
152017Autobus: Selection of Passenger Seats Based on Viewing Experience for Touristic ToursSAMSONOV, Pavel ; HELLER, Florian ; Schöning, JohannesProceedings PaperC1
162017An Augmented Flute for BeginnersHELLER, Florian ; Cheung Ruiz, Irene Meiying; Borchers, JanProceedings PaperC1
172016Who are the People in my Life? Towards Tangible Eco-MapsHELLER, Florian ; SCHOENING, Johannes ; Meleyal, Lel F.; Sevasti-Melissa, Nolas; Zeisner, Lena; Rauers, AntjeProceedings PaperC1
182016Grouve: Spontaneous Proximal Group Formation with Ultrasonic Sound WavesGijsbrechts, Debbie; HELLER, Florian ; Schöning, Johannes; Kawsar, FahimProceedings PaperC1
192016Gardeene! Textile Controls for the Home EnvironmentHELLER, Florian ; Ossmann, Lukas; Hamdam, Nur; Brauner, Philipp; Van Heek, Julia; Scheulen, Klaus; Mollering, Christian; Gossen, Laura; Witsch, Rouven; Ziefle, Martina; Gries, Thomas; Borchers, JanProceedings PaperC2
202016StrapMaps: Bringing Map-based Navigation to the Straps of BagsWenig, Dirk; HELLER, Florian ; SCHOENING, Johannes Proceedings PaperC1