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12021What drives ecopreneurship in women and men? - A structured literature reviewGUNAWAN, Arien ; VAN RIEL, Allard ; Essers, CarolineJournal ContributionA1
22021Learning from the resourceness blind spot for service innovation at the base of the pyramidGreene, Michelle; VAN RIEL, Allard Journal ContributionA1
32021A customer-centric five actor model for sustainability and service innovationVAN RIEL, Allard ; ANDREASSEN, Tor. W.; LERVIK-OLSEN, Line; ZHANG, Lu; MITHAS, Sunil; HEINONEN, KristinaJournal ContributionA1
42020The adoption of ecopreneurship practices in Indonesian craft SMEs: value-based motivations and intersections of identitiesGUNAWAN, Arien ; Essers, Caroline; VAN RIEL, Allard Journal ContributionA1
52020Healthcare service users as resource integrators: investigating factors influencing the co-creation of value at individual, dyadic and systemic levelsVirlée, Justine; Hammedi, Wafa; VAN RIEL, Allard Journal ContributionA1
62020Health literacy and its effects on well-being: how vulnerable healthcare service users integrate online resourcesVirlée, Justine; VAN RIEL, Allard ; Hammedi, WafaJournal ContributionA1
72020Individual ambidexterity in SMEs: Towards a typology aligning the concept, antecedents and outcomesMu, Ting; VAN RIEL, Allard ; Schouteten, RoelJournal ContributionA1
82020Investigating entrepreneurial use of intuition and rationality in decision-making: a QCA approachGani, Ariel N.; VAN RIEL, Allard ; STREUKENS, Sandra ; Grössler, AndreasBook SectionB2
92019Boosting customer engagement through gamification: A customer engagement marketing approachSTREUKENS, Sandra ; VAN RIEL, Allard ; NOVIKOVA, Daria ; LEROI-WERELDS, Sara Book SectionB2
102019A framework for sustainable service system configuration: Exploring value paradoxes with examples from the hospitality industryVAN RIEL, Allard ; Zhang, Jie J.; McGinnis, Lee Phillip; Nejad, Mohammad G.; Bujisic, Milos; Phillips, Paul A.Journal ContributionA1
112019Making a Transition toward more Mature Closed-Loop Supply Chain Management under DeepUncertainty and Dynamic Complexity: A MethodologyCoenen, Jannie; Van der Heijden, Rob; VAN RIEL, Allard Journal ContributionA1
122018Business Model Innovation and Value-creation: The Triadic WayAndreassen, T. W.; Lervik-Olsen, L.; Snyder, H.; VAN RIEL, Allard ; Sweeney, J.; Van Vaerenbergh, Y.Journal ContributionA1
132018Understanding approaches to complexity and uncertainty in closed-loop supply chain management: Past findings and future directionsCoenen, Jannie; Van der Heijden, Rob E. C. M.; VAN RIEL, Allard Journal ContributionA1
142018Life cycle extension of mobile phones: an exploration with focus on the end-consumerPenners, Odette; Semeijn, Janjaap; VAN RIEL, Allard ; Lambrechts, WimJournal ContributionA1
152018Health Care Communication Technology and Its Promise of Patient Empowerment: Unpacking Patient Empowerment Through Patients’ Identity ConstructionsVISSER, Laura ; Bleijenbergh, Inge; Benschop, Yvonne; VAN RIEL, Allard Book SectionB2
162018Unequal Consumers: Consumerist healthcare technologies and their creation of new inequalitiesVISSER, Laura ; Benschop, Yvonne W. M.; Bleijenbergh, Inge L.; VAN RIEL, Allard Journal ContributionA1