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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12021A hybrid generation system modeling for residential use in isolated areas of EcuadorAcosta, Jonathan; Rodriguez, Mauricio; Alvarez, Carlos; Arcos-Aviles, Diego; Herrera, Michelle; Ayala, Paul; Llanos, Jacqueline; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
22021Dynamic matrix control for a single-phase inverterAlvarez, Carlos; Erazo, Paolo; Arcos-Aviles, Diego; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Journal ContributionC1
32021An energy management system for power exchange between multiple residential neighborhood microgridsJose Arciniega, Pedro; Arcos-Aviles, Diego; Rodriguez, Mauricio; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Journal ContributionC1
42021Impact of advanced inverter functions on low‐voltage power gridsMentens, A.; Chamorro, HR; Jacobs, VA; Topolanek, D; Drapela, J; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Journal ContributionA1
52020Analysis and Simulation of Double Resonant Path Converter with Variable Conversion RatioBAKOVASILIS, Apostolos ; Manganiello, Patrizio; MARTINEZ, Wilmar ; POORTMANS, Jef Journal ContributionA2
62020Practical Considerations for Designing Reliable DC/DC Converters, Applied to a BIPV CaseRavyts, Simon; VAN DE SANDE, Wieland ; Vecchia, Mauricio; Van den Broeck, Giel; Duraij, Martijn; MARTINEZ, Wilmar ; DAENEN, Michael ; Driesen, JohanJournal ContributionA1
72020Design of a Bipolar DC Grid Fault EmulatorHallemans, Leonie; Driesen, Johan; MARTINEZ, Wilmar ; Govaerts, GeorgeProceedings PaperC1
82020Optimal Value-based Prices Placement of DER and V2G using Planet Search AlgorithmMousavi-Khademi, Mohammad Reza; Chamorro, Harold R.; Mousavi-Khademi, Morteza; Zareian-Jahromi, Mehdi; Sood, Vijay K.; Guerrero, Josep M.; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
92020Iron Loss Evaluation of GaN PWM-Supplied Magnetic Cores for MHz Converters in More Electric Aircrafts-400Hz caseMARTINEZ, Wilmar ; SUAREZ, Camilo ; LIN, Wei-Ren Proceedings PaperC1
102020Online Dynamic Assessment of System Stability using Unscented Kalman FilterMoreno, Ricardo; Chamorro, Harold R.; Rye, Rebecca; Khazraj, Hesam; Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco; Sood, Vijay K.; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
112020Analysis of the Gradual Synthetic Inertia Control on Low-Inertia Power SystemsChamorro, Harold R.; Torkzadeh, Roozbeh; Eliassi, Mojtaba; Betancourt-Paulino, Pedro; Rezkalla, Michel; Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco; Sood, Vijay K.; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
122020Nadir Frequency Estimation in Low-Inertia Power SystemsChamorro, Harold R.; Orjuela-Canon, Alvaro D.; Ganger, David; Persson, Mattias; Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco; Sood, Vijay K.; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
132020Non-synchronous Generation Impact on Frequency Response – A case from AlbaniaAgo, Ersi; Chamorro, Harold R.; Alves, Erick F.; Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco; Flores, Wilfredo C.; Sood, Vijay K.; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
142020Multi-Objective Approach for Hydro Governors Control TuningChamorro, Harold R.; Gonzalez-Longat, Francisco; Topic, Danijel; Blondin, Maude J.; Sood, Vijay K.; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
152020Multi-agent Control Strategy for Microgrids using Petri NetsChamorro, Harold R.; Pazmino, Camilo; Paez, David; Jimenez, Fernando; Guerrero, Josep M.; Sood, Vijay K.; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
162020Frequency Splitting in an LCLC Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle ChargingSUAREZ, Camilo ; Kalmes, Matthias; Suffeleers, Junot; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
172020Iron Loss Characteristics of MnZn Ferrites under GaN Inverter excitation in the MHz OrderMARTINEZ, Wilmar ; SUAREZ, Camilo ; Ibanez, FedericoProceedings PaperC1
182020Gate Drivers Techniques and Solutions for GaN HEMTs in High Frequency ApplicationsLIN, Wei-Ren ; SUAREZ, Camilo ; Umetani, Kazuhiro; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
192019EMI Standard Compliance of Three-Phase Buck Type PFC Rectifier For Application in AircraftAhmad, Bilal; Kyyra, Jorma; Routimo, Mikko; MARTINEZ, Wilmar Proceedings PaperC1
202019Simulink Model for PWM-Supplied Laminated Magnetic Cores Including Hysteresis, Eddy-Current, and Excess LossesRasilo, Paavo; MARTINEZ, Wilmar ; Fujisaki, Keisuke; Kyyra, Jorma; Ruderman, AlexJournal ContributionA1