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12022Disturbed proprioceptive weighting during postural control in pregnant women compared to non-pregnant controlsGYSELAERS, Wilfried; JANSSENS, Lotte; GOOSSENS, Nina; Geraerts, Inge; Hompes, Titia; Bogaerts, AnnickConference MaterialC2
22022Changes in static balance during pregnancy and postpartum: A systematic reviewJANSSENS, Lotte; GOOSSENS, Nina; VERBRUGGHE, Jonas; Massé-Alarie, Hugo; Aldabe, DanielaJournal ContributionA1
32021Does the diaphragm contribute to balance control in patients with COPD?JANSSENS, Lotte; Langer, Daniel; GOOSSENS, Nina; Dacha, Sauwaluk; Janssens, Wim; Janssens, Luc; JACOBS, Nina; Gosselink, Rik; Brumagne, Simon; Louvaris, Zafeiris; GERAERTS, Marc; BAGGEN, RemcoJournal ContributionM
42021Breathing therapies in patients with non-specific low back and neck pain: a systematic reviewJANSSENS, Lotte; GOOSSENS, Nina; KLAPS, Sim; Vlemincx, Elke; AMERIJCKX, Charlotte; BOGAERTS, KatleenConference MaterialC2
52021Body perception disturbances in women with pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain and their role in the persistence of pain postpartumJANSSENS, Lotte; GOOSSENS, Nina; Geraerts, Inge; Asnong, Anne; Vandenplas, Lizelotte; Van Veldhoven, ZahraJournal ContributionA1
62021Direct access to physiotherapy for acute low back pain in Belgium: protocol for a pragmatic pilot trial (the Direct-Physio trial)DENIS, Corentin; JANSSENS, Lotte; Roussel, Nathalie; Pitance, Laurent; MARNEFFE, Wim; GOOSSENS, Nina; Fourré, Antoine; SEVERIJNS, Pieter; Dankaerts, Wim; TIMMERMANS, Annick; LUYTEN, JanisConference MaterialC2
72020Disturbed Body Perception in Primiparous Women with Prenatal Pregnancy-related Lumbopelvic Pain and its Potential Role in Pain PersistenceJANSSENS, Lotte; GOOSSENS, Nina; Geraerts, Inge; Vandenplas, Lizelotte; Bogaerts, Annick; Van Veldhoven, Zahra; Deprest, JanConference MaterialC2
82020Enhanced balance strategy after inspiratory muscle training in patients with COPD, an interim analysis.JANSSENS, Lotte; Langer, Daniel; GOOSSENS, Nina; Dacha, Sauwaluk; Janssens, Wim; Janssens, Luc; Gosselink, Rik; Brumagne, Simon; Louvaris, Zafeiris; AMERIJCKX, CharlotteConference MaterialC2
92020Which Factors Influence Motor Imagery as Measured with a Left/Right Judgment Task in Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain? Preliminary Results from an Ongoing Trial.JANSSENS, Lotte; GOOSSENS, Nina; DE BAETS, Liesbet; MATHEVE, Thomas; TIMMERMANS, AnnickConference MaterialC2
102020Influence of phase of respiratory cycle on ultrasound imaging of deep abdominal muscle thicknessJANSSENS, Lotte; GOOSSENS, Nina; van Leeuwen, Daniel M; Schmitz, Marc; Musarra, Frank; AMERIJCKX, Charlotte; Pijnenburg, MadelonJournal ContributionA1
112020Enhanced balance strategy after inspiratory muscle training in patients with COPD, an interim analysisJANSSENS, Lotte; Langer, Daniel; GOOSSENS, Nina; Dacha, Sauwaluk; Janssens, Luc; Gosselink, Rik; Brumagne, Simon; Louvaris, Zafeiris; AMERIJCKX, Charlotte; JANSSENS, WimJournal ContributionM
122019Can interventions for reducing sedentary behavior influence low back pain in office workers?JANSSENS, Lotte; GOOSSENS, Nina; Arrogi, Anass; Brumagne, Simon; Dierckx, Sofie; Seghers, JanConference MaterialC2