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Title: Prognostication of canine MCTs, a comparison of proliferation markers Ki67 and MCM7
Authors: CREEMERS, Anneleen
Advisors: LAMBRICHTS, I.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: tUL Diepenbeek
Abstract: Mast cell tumours (MCTs) are frequently occurring canine cutaneous neoplasms, representing 7-21% of all skin tumours in dogs. They show a wide variety of biologic behaviour (e.g. benign ' malignant), making it difficult for clinicians to make treatment decisions. Currently, prognostic grading of MCTs is achieved by using the Patnaik histological grading system. This procedure is largely based on histological characteristics, which correlate to an overall survival period. However, this course of action is subject to interpathologist variation, making it in part a subjective technique. So, the aim of this study is to develop better histopathological procedures useful in the differentiation of the various grades of MCTs.
Notes: 2de masterjaar in de biomedische wetenschappen - klinische moleculaire wetenschappen
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Category: T2
Type: Theses and Dissertations
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