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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
2021Association of (pre)diabetes and pancreatic fatAmasaad, YasmineTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Determinants of IgA binding to gut bacteria - more than species identityZouzaf, AnissaTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Cold-loving bacteria: The effect of temperature on psychrotolerant exoelectrogen Shewanella loihica in microbial fuel cellsNouwen, OlivierTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Assessing patient characteristics and detection methods for underlying atrial fibrillation in cryptogenic strokeVanhaen, DimitriTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Activity-dependent regulation of axon initial segment potassium channelsVanspauwen, SamTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Macrophage‑Derived Extracellular Vesicles Impact OPC Differentiation in Multiple SclerosisSmets, StéphanieTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Gap junction intercellular communication in suicide gene therapy for oral squamous cell carcinoma: an in vitro studyNIJSTEN, Kim Theses and DissertationsT2
2021Exploring the impact of plant density on hemp microbiome compositionDUPONT, Wannes Theses and DissertationsT2
2021Do trained athletes also suffer from the negative effects of sedentary behaviour?: associations between sedentary behaviour and cardiovascular health in highly physically active adultsJermei, JarneTheses and DissertationsT2
2021PDE4D inhibition to improve peripheral myelination, Schwann cell differentiation and motor function in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1AJacobs, DarrenTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Localization of DISC1 expression in the gut wall by immunofluorescenceFeldkamp, ClaudiaTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Identification of spinal cord injury-induced autoantibodies as prognostic biomarkers using serological antigen selectionBovens, BeckyTheses and DissertationsT2
2021The impact of green spaces on the general well-being and stress among college studentsVerheyen, LoreTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Optogenetic manipulation of dopaminergic neurons in a preclinical rodent model of Parkinson's diseaseCaz, NuranTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Residential green space in association with vitamin D at birth and bone density during childhoodFransen, ArneTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Translocation of airborne black carbon particles from mother to unborn child: an ENVIRONAGE birth cohort studyEngelen, LiesaTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Tissue-specific insulin sensitivity and changes in brain reward reactivity in overweight or obese pre-diabetic adultsCloosen, BentheTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Using Schmidtea mediterranea as an entry point to understand the role of neural signaling in intestinal regenerationSegnana, CharlotteTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Early life ageing at the level of rDNA in newborns and the relationship with prenatal air pollution exposureTruzzu, PaolaTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Oligodendroglia cell-derived extracellular vesicles enriched with HSPB8 reduce neuroinflammation in an MS modelWuyts, CharlotteTheses and DissertationsT2
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 399