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Title: Success of autogenous tooth transplantation: a retrospective and prospective approach
Authors: GONNISSEN, Hanne
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: tUL Diepenbeek
Abstract: During my internship at the department Oral Maxillofacial Surgery of the St. John's Hospital in Genk, I performed two studies with both a different approach. First, a retrospective study was carried out to determine the long-term survival and success rates of autogenously transplanted canines. In addition, the influence of various parameters such as age, gender, root formation and others on the long-term success rate was investigated. The second study was rather a prospective study in order to optimize and describe the protocol of a tooth transplantation template. More specifically, different methods of image segmentation were investigated. We concluded that autotransplantation of impacted canines may have a successful outcome 11 years after transplantation. Furthermore, the success rate increased when performing the transplantation at a younger age. The prospective study indicated the region-based segmentation method as the most appropriate for tooth segmentation In the future, the s
Notes: 2de masterjaar in de biomedische wetenschappen - klinische moleculaire wetenschappen
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Type: Theses and Dissertations
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