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Title: A Multi-disciplinary Approach towards the Design and Development of Value+ eHomeCare Services
Authors: Ackaert, Ann
jacobs, An
Veys, Annelies
Derboven, Jan
Gils, Mieke
Buysse, Heidi
AGTEN, Stijn 
Verhoeve, Piet
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Sliema, Malta, 2009-10-11 - 2009-10-16
Source: The First International Conference on Emerging Network Intelligence (EMERGING 2009). Proceedings.
Abstract: Do you need spells, magic potions or wizard's knowledge to approach the eHomeCare services consumes a lot of effort, time and money. Needs and value chain aspects of the eHealth(care) market are complex and sometimes unexpected factors arise during the introduction and first use of technology in the homecare setting. Take up ratios of new products and services are furthermore critical in the return on investment curve. Within this chapter we want to elaborate and share the methodology developed within the IBBT eHomeCare projects Coplintho and TranseCare, used to design and develop ICT related products and services in the homecare field. This implies putting user research up front and working with an interdisciplinary team. This chapter does not claim to offer exhaustive and theoretical knowledge on the subject, but it gives an overview of the practical insights we gained during the passed years. Often references are given for further literature study. Feedback on the subject is greatly encouraged and appreciated.
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ISBN: 9780769538358
Category: C1
Type: Proceedings Paper
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