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Title: Cognitive maps in transport behavior
Authors: LEON, Maikel 
Bello, Rafael
Issue Date: 2009
Source: Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Guanajuato, Mexico, , 9-13 November 2009.
Abstract: The transport management appears in all modern society due to the cost that imply and because of the importance for all social and economical process of a country. The use of advanced computer techniques like the artificial intelligence is relevant from the scientific, economic and social point of view. Although the decision making problems are not structured, the artificial intelligence techniques have a high interest in its solution, specially related with the knowledge representation and the uncertainty; this is the case of the problems related with transport management, where the process of decision making involves some factors and knowledge. In this paper the use of fuzzy cognitive maps is presented, it is an hybrid method located between fuzzy systems and neural networks, to model the mental representation of individuals for the decision making and planning of trips, offering the possibility of predict through inferences and simulations, future real situations in the planning process of urban transport and the transport demand prediction, becoming an important analysis instrument to evaluate some measures related with the support and the management.
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Type: Conference Material
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