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Title: Train the teachers in student centred learning and teaching
Authors: Rutkauksiene, Danguole
Huet, Isabel
Gudoniene, Daina
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: International Association of Online Engineering
Source: Auer, Michael & Schreurs, Jeanne (Ed.) Academic and corporate e-learning in a global context. p. 865-874.
Abstract: This paper include the analysis on the universities in the European Union that have already implemented the Bologna guidelines and those of the neighbouring countries that were forced to follow it, especially regarding the redesign of the curriculum based on a more student-centred educational concept and supporting learning strategies. The analysis and recommendation on how to train teachers in student-centred learning and teaching were developed in the frames of the Western-Eastern Teachers education network ( In the frame of this study we analysed different educational models in four Higher Education (HE) Institutions with different size: smaller institutions (Hasselt University), medium universities (Royal Institute of Technology - KTH and University of Aveiro - UA) and big institutions (Kaunas University of Technology - KTU). These institutions are concerned to focus the learning on the student needs, on their personal learning styles, and on an active participation of the students in the learning process. This student-centred approach has many applications in the design of the curriculum, course content, and teaching and learning methods.
Keywords: student-centred learning and teaching; educational models
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ISBN: 978-3-89958-541-4
Category: C1
Type: Proceedings Paper
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