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Title: Locomotion : some bones, joints and muscles of lower leg, ankle and foot in man and in primate "predecessors"
Authors: NARAIN, Faridi 
Lamur, Kenneth
Kosten, Lauren
De Munter, Stephanie
Piskun, Oleg
Zinkovsky, Anatoly
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: The Lesgaft National State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg
Source: Lesgaft notes
Abstract: The article presents widening of spaces between certain lower leg and ankle bones, during power stroke of normal gait. Repositioning of these bones after this widening, normally occurring during recovery, can be analysed functional morphologically and comparative anatomically.
Keywords: Foot, Ankle, Comparative anatomy, Inversion traumatisms, Gymnasts
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ISSN: 1994-4683
Category: A3
Type: Journal Contribution
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