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Title: Legitimate identity construction of successful ethnic minority entrepreneurs in the creative industries
Authors: THOELEN, Annelies 
ZANONI, Patrizia 
Issue Date: 2011
Source: 7th Critical Management Studies, Napoli, Italy, 11-13 July 2011
Abstract: This study investigates how ethnic minority entrepreneurs in the creative industries deploy their ethnic background to craft professional legitimacy. Drawing on De Clercq and Voronov’s (2009) theory of legitimacy, we examine how they discursively deploy their ethnic minority background and combine it with other available discourses to fit in and stand out in their field. Based on data collected through 13 in-depth interviews with established ethnic entrepreneurs in the creative industries, we identify four types of use of the ethnic minority background to craft legitimacy: the ‘ethnic’ creative entrepreneur, the ‘hybrid’ creative entrepreneur, the ‘heroic creative entrepreneur, and the ‘unproblematic’ creative entrepreneur. The study contributes to the emerging stream of literature approaching ethnic minority entrepreneurs as agents by highlighting the heterogeneous ways in which ethnic minority backgrounds can be deployed to foster professional success.
Keywords: ethnic minority entrepreneurs, identity, legitimacy, creative industries, Bourdieu
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Type: Conference Material
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