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Title: User-Centered Process Framework and Techniques to Support the Realization of Interactive Systems by Multi-Disciplinary Teams
Authors: Haesen, Mieke 
Advisors: Coninx, Karin
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The last decades, the use of interactive systems has increased. Current technologies allow a wide range of end users to use several systems in various contexts. Interactive systems are not restricted to professional use anymore and end users expect to obtain a positive user experience from using these systems. Consequently, it is recommended to carefully consider the end user needs during the design and development of systems and their user interfaces. User-centered approaches for the design and development of interactive systems have proved e ective when design teams can properly take into account user needs and the context of use of a system. These approaches typically involve multi-disciplinary teams in order to include complementary points of view in a system's design and development. However, di culties occur for some development teams when multiple backgrounds and disciplines are involved in a software design and development project. In this dissertation we investigated the combination of user-centered design (UCD) and software engineering (SE) and the involvement of multidisciplinary teams, which are indispensable in order to obtain systems that carefully take into account end user needs and contextual information. We presented MuiCSer 1, a process framework for multi-disciplinary user-centered software engineering that was used to specify practical user-centered software engineering (UCSE) processes. Furthermore, we used MuiCSer to study the use of tools and artifacts in UCSE as well as UCSE in practice. Resulting weaknesses and di culties in UCSE included a lack of tools and notations that support the collaboration in multi-disciplinary UCSE teams and support the transition from informal artifacts to formal models. Additionally, our studies based on MuiCSer revealed a lack of notations that incorporate a broad range of user needs and requirements.
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