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dc.contributor.authorCLAESEN, Luc-
dc.contributor.authorVANDOREN, Peter-
dc.contributor.authorVAN LAERHOVEN, Tom-
dc.contributor.authorMOTTEN, Andy-
dc.contributor.authorDI FIORE, Fabian-
dc.contributor.authorVAN REETH, Frank-
dc.contributor.authorLiao, Jing-
dc.contributor.authorYu, Jinhui-
dc.identifier.citationAlyala, José L.; Atienza Alonso, David; Reis, Ricardo (Ed.). VLSI-SoC: Forward-Looking Trends in IC and Systems Design, p. 339-353-
dc.description.abstractInteractive virtual paint systems are very useful in editing all kinds of graphics artwork. Because of the digital tracking of strokes, interactive editing operations such as save, redo, resize etc. are possible. The structure of artwork generated can be used for animation in artwork cartoons. A novel System-onChip Smart Camera architecture is presented that can be used for tracking infrared fiber based brushes as well as real brushes in real-time. A dedicated SoC hardware implementation avoids unnecessary latency delays caused by PC based architectures, that require communication-, PC and GPU frame-buffer delays, thereby considerably enhancing the interactivity experience. The system is prototyped on an FPGA.-
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology-
dc.rightsIFIP International Federation for Information Processing 2012-
dc.subject.otherSystem-on-Chip; SoC; FPGA; digital painting; active canvas; animation; cartoons; artwork; editing; Video Processing; HCI; human-computer interface; real-time; Smart Camera; embedded video; FTIR; video pipeline-
dc.titleSmart Camera System-on-Chip Architecture for Real-Time Brush Based Interactive Painting Systems-
dc.typeBook Section-
local.bibliographicCitation.authorsAlyala, José L.-
local.bibliographicCitation.authorsAtienza Alonso, David-
local.bibliographicCitation.authorsReis, Ricardo-
local.publisher.placeNew York-
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local.type.specifiedBook Section-
local.bibliographicCitation.btitleVLSI-SoC: Forward-Looking Trends in IC and Systems Design-
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item.fullcitationCLAESEN, Luc; VANDOREN, Peter; VAN LAERHOVEN, Tom; MOTTEN, Andy; DI FIORE, Fabian; VAN REETH, Frank; Liao, Jing & Yu, Jinhui (2012) Smart Camera System-on-Chip Architecture for Real-Time Brush Based Interactive Painting Systems. In: Alyala, José L.; Atienza Alonso, David; Reis, Ricardo (Ed.). VLSI-SoC: Forward-Looking Trends in IC and Systems Design, p. 339-353.-
item.contributorDI FIORE, Fabian-
item.contributorMOTTEN, Andy-
item.contributorLiao, Jing-
item.contributorVAN REETH, Frank-
item.contributorCLAESEN, Luc-
item.contributorYu, Jinhui-
item.contributorVANDOREN, Peter-
item.contributorVAN LAERHOVEN, Tom-
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