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Title: Missing data : discussion points from the PSI missing data expert group
Authors: BURZYKOWSKI, Tomasz 
Carpenter, James
Coens, Corneel
Evans, Daniel
France, Lesley
Kenward, Mike
Lane, Peter
Matcham, James
Phillips, Alan
Roger, James
Sullivan, Brian
White, Ian
Yu, Ly-Mee
Morgan, David
Issue Date: 2010
Source: PHARMACEUTICAL STATISTICS, 9 (4), p. 288-297
Abstract: The Points to Consider Document on Missing Data was adopted by the Committee of Health and Medicinal Products (CHMP) in December 2001. In September 2007 the CHMP issued a recommendation to review the document, with particular emphasis on summarizing and critically appraising the pattern of drop-outs, explaining the role and limitations of the ‘last observation carried forward’ method and describing the CHMP's cautionary stance on the use of mixed models. In preparation for the release of the updated guidance document, statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry held a one-day expert group meeting in September 2008. Topics that were debated included minimizing the extent of missing data and understanding the missing data mechanism, defining the principles for handling missing data and understanding the assumptions underlying different analysis methods. A clear message from the meeting was that at present, biostatisticians tend only to react to missing data. Limited pro-active planning is undertaken when designing clinical trials. Missing data mechanisms for a trial need to be considered during the planning phase and the impact on the objectives assessed. Another area for improvement is in the understanding of the pattern of missing data observed during a trial and thus the missing data mechanism via the plotting of data; for example, use of Kaplan–Meier curves looking at time to withdrawal.
Keywords: missing data; LOCF; MMRM; multiple imputation
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ISSN: 1539-1604
e-ISSN: 1539-1612
DOI: 10.1002/pst.39
Category: A1
Type: Journal Contribution
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