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dc.contributor.authorRISKIN, Alexander-
dc.contributor.authorDE DOBBELAERE, Christopher-
dc.contributor.authorSHAN, Lianchen-
dc.contributor.authorBOYEN, Hans-Gerd-
dc.contributor.authorD'HAEN, Jan-
dc.contributor.authorHARDY, An-
dc.contributor.authorVAN BAEL, Marlies-
dc.identifier.citationJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 116 (19), p. 10743-10752-
dc.description.abstractWe have applied soft lithography for the indirect patterning of micellar poly(styrene-b-2-vinyl pyridine) diblock copolymers loaded with gold chloric acid with a pattern width below a micrometer. A combination of physical and chemical heterogeneities on the substrate induced a selective deposition of the micelles in between the relief structures without the need for additional liftoff or annealing steps. Micelle size, dip coating speed, and height of the relief pattern were identified as important parameters to achieve a successful selective deposition. Finally, a single layer of patterned gold nanoparticles was formed inside the micropattern using an oxygen plasma treatment.-
dc.description.sponsorshipIWT Vlaanderen (SBO-METACEL); Methusalem (Program "NANO"); FWO Vlaanderen G034609N-
dc.publisherAMER CHEMICAL SOC-
dc.rights© 2012 American Chemical Society.-
dc.subject.othercarbon nanotubes; metallic nanodots; block-copolymers; soft lithography; ordered arrays; cvd synthesis; resonance; growth; resist; films-
dc.titleDewetting of Patterned Silicon Substrates Leading to a Selective Deposition of Micellar-Based Nanoparticles-
dc.typeJournal Contribution-
dc.description.notes[Riskin, A.; De Dobbelaere, C.; Shan, L.; Boyen, H. G.; D'Haen, J.; Hardy, A.; van Bael, M. K.] Hasselt Univ, Inst Mat Res, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium. [Shan, L.; Boyen, H. G.; D'Haen, J.; van Bael, M. K.] Imec Vzw Div IMOMEC, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium.-
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item.fullcitationRISKIN, Alexander; DE DOBBELAERE, Christopher; SHAN, Lianchen; BOYEN, Hans-Gerd; D'HAEN, Jan; HARDY, An & VAN BAEL, Marlies (2012) Dewetting of Patterned Silicon Substrates Leading to a Selective Deposition of Micellar-Based Nanoparticles. In: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 116 (19), p. 10743-10752.-
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item.contributorRISKIN, Alexander-
item.contributorSHAN, Lianchen-
item.contributorBOYEN, Hans-Gerd-
item.contributorHARDY, An-
item.contributorDE DOBBELAERE, Christopher-
item.contributorVAN BAEL, Marlies-
item.contributorD'HAEN, Jan-
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