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dc.contributor.authorAppeltans, Ward-
dc.contributor.authorAhyong, Shane T.-
dc.contributor.authorAnderson, Gary-
dc.contributor.authorAngel, Martin V.-
dc.contributor.authorARTOIS, Tom-
dc.contributor.authorBailly, Nicolas-
dc.contributor.authorBamber, Roger-
dc.contributor.authorBarber, Anthony-
dc.contributor.authorBartsch, Ilse-
dc.contributor.authorBerta, Annalisa-
dc.contributor.authorBlazewicz-Paszkowycz, Magdalena-
dc.contributor.authorBock, Phil-
dc.contributor.authorBoxshall, Geoff-
dc.contributor.authorBoyko, Christopher B.-
dc.contributor.authorBrandao, Simone Nunes-
dc.contributor.authorBray, Rod A.-
dc.contributor.authorBruce, Niel L.-
dc.contributor.authorCairns, Stephen D.-
dc.contributor.authorChan, Tin-Yam-
dc.contributor.authorCheng, Lanna-
dc.contributor.authorCollins, Allen G.-
dc.contributor.authorCribb, Thomas-
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dc.contributor.authorDandouh-Guebas, Farid-
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dc.contributor.authorDawson, Michael N.-
dc.contributor.authorDe Clerck, Olivier-
dc.contributor.authorDecock, Wim-
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dc.contributor.authorVanaverbeke, Jan-
dc.contributor.authorWalker-Smith, Genefor-
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dc.contributor.authorWilliams, Gary C.-
dc.contributor.authorWilson, Simon P.-
dc.contributor.authorCostello, Mark J.-
dc.identifier.citationCURRENT BIOLOGY, 22 (23), p. 2189-2202-
dc.description.abstractBackground: The question of how many marine species exist is important because it provides a metric for how much we do and do not know about life in the oceans. We have compiled the first register of the marine species of the world and used this baseline to estimate how many more species, partitioned among all major eukaryotic groups, may be discovered. Results: There are similar to 226,000 eukaryotic marine species described. More species were described in the past decade (similar to 20,000) than in any previous one. The number of authors describing new species has been increasing at a faster rate than the number of new species described in the past six decades. We report that there are similar to 170,000 synonyms, that 58,000-72,000 species are collected but not yet described, and that 482,000-741,000 more species have yet to be sampled. Molecular methods may add tens of thousands of cryptic species. Thus, there may be 0.7-1.0 million marine species. Past rates of description of new species indicate there may be 0.5 +/- 0.2 million marine species. On average 37% (median 31%) of species in over 100 recent field studies around the world might be new to science. Conclusions: Currently, between one-third and two-thirds of marine species may be undescribed, and previous estimates of there being well over one million marine species appear highly unlikely. More species than ever before are being described annually by an increasing number of authors. If the current trend continues, most species will be discovered this century.-
dc.description.sponsorshipWoRMS has benefited from funding as part of several EU projects: Network of Excellence in Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (MarBEF), Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure (PESI), Distributed Dynamic Diversity Databases for Life (4D4Life), the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), and the Census of Marine Life (CoML). It originated in the European Register of Marine Species (ERMS) that was funded by the EU Marine Science and Technology (MAST) research program. We thank Catherine McFadden (Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA) and Mark Brugman (University of Melbourne, Australia) for helpful discussion and the referees for helpful criticism. We wish to acknowledge the time contributed by mary more scientists and their institutions in creating WoRMS than are currently listed in the author list. This paper is dedicated to Jacob van der Land (1935-2011), who began the compilation of a digital inventory of all marine species in the mid-1990s, which contributed to WoRMS.-
dc.publisherCELL PRESS-
dc.subject.otherBiochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell Biology-
dc.titleThe Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity-
dc.typeJournal Contribution-
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item.fullcitationAppeltans, Ward; Ahyong, Shane T.; Anderson, Gary; Angel, Martin V.; ARTOIS, Tom; Bailly, Nicolas; Bamber, Roger; Barber, Anthony; Bartsch, Ilse; Berta, Annalisa; Blazewicz-Paszkowycz, Magdalena; Bock, Phil; Boxshall, Geoff; Boyko, Christopher B.; Brandao, Simone Nunes; Bray, Rod A.; Bruce, Niel L.; Cairns, Stephen D.; Chan, Tin-Yam; Cheng, Lanna; Collins, Allen G.; Cribb, Thomas; Curini-Galletti, Marco; Dandouh-Guebas, Farid; Davie, Peter J. F.; Dawson, Michael N.; De Clerck, Olivier; Decock, Wim; De Grave, Sammy; de Voogd, Nicole J.; Domning, Daryl P.; Emig, Christian C.; Erseus, Christer; Eschmeyer, William; Fauchald, Kristian; Fautin, Daphne G.; Feist, Stephen W.; Fransen, Charles H. J. M.; Furuya, Hidetaka; Garcia-Alvarez, Oscar; Gerken, Sarah; Gibson, David; Gittenberger, Arjan; Gofas, Serge; Gomez-Daglio, Liza; Gordon, Dennis P.; Guiry, Michael D.; Hernandez, Francisco; Hoeksema, Bert W.; Hopcroft, Russell R.; Jaume, Damia; Kirk, Paul; Koedam, Nico; Koenemann, Stefan; Kolb, Juergen B.; Kristensen, Reinhardt M.; Kroh, Andreas; Lambert, Gretchen; Lazarus, David B.; Lemaitre, Rafael; Longshaw, Matt; Lowry, Jim; Macpherson, Enrique; Madin, Laurence P.; Mah, Christopher; Mapstone, Gill; McLaughlin, Patsy A.; Mees, Jan; Meland, Kenneth; Messing, Charles G.; Mills, Claudia E.; Molodtsova, Tina N.; Mooi, Rich; Neuhaus, Birger; Ng, Peter K. L.; Nielsen, Claus; Norenburg, Jon; Opresko, Dennis M.; Osawa, Masayuki; Paulay, Gustav; Perrin, William; Pilger, John F.; Poore, Gary C. B.; Pugh, Phil; Read, Geoffrey B.; Reimer, James D.; Rius, Marc; Rocha, Rosana M.; Saiz-Salinas, Jose I.; Scarabino, Victor; Schierwater, Bernd; Schmidt-Rhaesa, Andreas; Schnabel, Kareen E.; Schotte, Marilyn; Schuchert, Peter; Schwabe, Enrico; Segers, Hendrik; Self-Sullivan, Caryn; Shenkar, Noa; Siegel, Volker; Sterrer, Wolfgang; Stohr, Sabine; Swalla, Billie; Tasker, Mark L.; Thuesen, Erik V.; Timm, Tarmo; Todaro, M. Antonio; Turon, Xavier; Tyler, Seth; Uetz, Peter; van der Land, Jacob; Vanhoorne, Bart; van Ofwegen, Leen P.; van Soest, Rob W. M.; Vanaverbeke, Jan; Walker-Smith, Genefor; Walter, T. Chad; Warren, Alan; Williams, Gary C.; Wilson, Simon P. & Costello, Mark J. (2012) The Magnitude of Global Marine Species Diversity. In: CURRENT BIOLOGY, 22 (23), p. 2189-2202.-
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