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Title: Non-sagittal shank and foot movements included in the kinematic articular chain of the swing phase of gait
Other Titles: Niet-sagittale bewegingen van onderbeen en voet als onderdeel van de kinematische gewrichtsketen in de zwaaifase van het gangpatroon
Authors: NARAIN, Faridi 
Lamur, Kenneth S.
Kosten, Lauren
De Munter, Stephanie
Issue Date: 2013
Source: Nederlandse Anatomen Vereniging, 175ste Wetenschappelijke Vergadering, Conferentiecentrum "De Werelt", Lunteren, Nederland, 1-2 February 2013
Abstract: Foot movements involved in the kinematic articular chain of the gait cycle in metatherians (marsupials) may be analysed in order to unravel eutherian bipedal gait. At the onset of sway, a short distinct foot eversion helps to clear the human foot from the walking surface. Very recently, sophisticated technology captured foot eversion at the end of swing, in a carnivore running at full speed. While doing so, this eutherian quadruped shows internal axial rotation of the lower leg and simultaneously heel-abduction, toe-extension and toe-abduction. This latter phenomenon might be universal, as it has been described in metatherians earlier.
Notes: Institutional University Cooperation (IUS) takes place through partnerships with universities in the south. In order to realize the general objective, namely contributing to the institutional development of universities in developing countries, several concrete projects take place, in which several Flemish universities participate. Both a Flemish and a local project manager are at the head of each project, while the Flemish and local coordinators undertake the responsibility for the global partnership.
Keywords: Non-sagittal Foot Movements; Foot Inversion / Foot Eversion; Kinematic Chain; Metatherian and Eutherian Comparative Anatomy; Marsupials; Carnivores
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Rights: © 2013 Nederlandse Anatomen Vereniging (N.A.V.) / Dutch Anatomical Society
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