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Title: You look for diversity management, you find CSR: Practices aligning business goals and minorities.
Authors: VERMAUT, Hannah 
ZANONI, Patrizia 
Issue Date: 2012
Source: International Seminar "Diversity and Inequality in Contemporary Organizations", Hasselt, Belgium, 11 - 12 September 2012
Abstract: This explorative multiple-case study investigates a wide array of formal and informal organizational practices used by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to employ an ethnically diverse personnel. Empirically, we examine the practices used by five Flemish SMEs which have been able to attract and retain a substantial share of ethnic minority employees, an exceptional achievement in the Flemish labor market dominated by monocultural organizations. Relying on corporate social responsibility (CSR) theory, we argue their practices enable the employment of a more ethnically diverse personnel by redefining work arrangements in ways that align an ethnically diverse personnel's needs and business goals. We conclude with a critical reflection on the merits and the limitations of the SMEs' business case for diversity.
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Type: Conference Material
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