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Title: The chromosomal polymorphism and divergence of populations of Chironomus nuditarsis Str.(Diptera, Chironomidae)
Authors: Kiknadze, I.I.
Michailova, P
Istomina, A.G.
Golygina, V.V.
Krastanov, B.
Issue Date: 2006
Source: Tsitologiia, 48 (7), p. 595-609
Abstract: The karyotype structure and chromosomal polymorphisms were investigated in 6 natural and 2 laboratory populations of Chironomus nuditarsis from Europe and Asia. The pool of rearranged polytene chromosome banding sequences of this species was determined that includes 16 inversion banding sequences and sequences with giant DNA-knobs (ndtG1k, ndtG2k). Obvious differences were demonstrated in the level of chromosomal polymorphism between European and Asian (Siberian) populations: the former were highly polymorphic, while the latter were practically monomorphic. It was suggested to consider the Siberian populations as marginal one. Cytogenetic distances between populations of C. nuditarsis and well between C. nuditarsis and the related species C. plumosus were estimated. The data obtained show that chromosomal rearrangements play a very important role in cytogenetic divergence of populations.
Notes: In Russian
Keywords: Chironomidae; Chromosomal polymorphism; Biodiversity
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ISSN: 0041-3771
Category: A2
Type: Journal Contribution
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