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Title: Macroeconomic Adjustment in Armenia: The Role of External Factors
Authors: VAN AARLE, Bas 
Issue Date: 2011
Source: Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics, 3 (5), p. 51-75
Abstract: This paper develops a small macroeconomic model of the Armenian economy. After setting up the model and its estimation, a number of macroeconomic scenarios is analyzed in the form of out-of-sample simulations. We analyze the transmissions in the model of a number of macroeconomic shocks and policy scenarios to obtain a better understanding of their possible effects on the internal and external balance of the Armenian economy. A special focus is put on the role of exchange rate and monetary management and the inflow of remittances in the Armenian economy.
Keywords: Armenia; macroeconomic adjustment; macroeconomic models; macroeconomic policy
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Type: Journal Contribution
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