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Title: The punk attitude. How ethnic entrepreneurial DIY strategies create emancipation and innovation in the creative industries.
Authors: THOELEN, Annelies 
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: This paper explores sectoral innovation and entrepreneurial emancipation through value chain control of creative entrepreneurs with an ethnic minority background. We understand the sectoral value chain to be a structure of power, constraining and enabling creative entrepreneurs through its market system. In practice however, we them see them in some cases strategically keeping in own control a significant part of the value chain, or cooperating successfully with partners in it. This agentic resistance to the controlling power of the value chain allows them to overcome racial discrimination, gain artistic and financial emancipation as entrepreneurs and to innovate cultural products and production methods.
Keywords: creative industries, value chain, entrepreneurship, innovation, emancipation, ethnicity
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Category: R2
Type: Working Paper
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