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Title: Is motor learning mediated by tDCS intensity?
Authors: LEENUS, Daphnie 
van den Berg, Femke E.
Nitsche, Michael A.
THIJS, Herbert 
Wenderoth, Nicole
Issue Date: 2013
Source: 5th International conference on Non-inasive brain stimulation, Leipzig, 19-21 March 2013
Abstract: Although tDCS has been shown to improve motor learning, previous studies reported rather small effects. Since physiological effects of tDCS depend on intensity, the present study evaluated this parameter in order to enhance the effect of tDCS on skill acquisition. The effect of different stimulation intensities of anodal tDCS (atDCS) was investigated in a double blind, sham controlled crossover design. In each condition, thirteen healthy subjects were instructed to perform a unimanual motor (sequence) learning task. Our results showed (1) a significant increase in the slope of the learning curve and (2) a significant improvement in motor performance at retention for 1.5mA atDCS as compared to sham tDCS. No significant differences were reported between 1mA atDCS and sham tDCS; and between 1.5mA atDCS and 1mA atDCS.
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