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dc.contributor.authorVAN ZWIETEN, Koos Jaap-
dc.contributor.authorLAMBRICHTS, Ivo-
dc.contributor.authorKOSTEN, Lauren-
dc.contributor.authorDE MUNTER, Stephanie-
dc.contributor.authorADRIAENSENS, Peter-
dc.contributor.authorLIPPENS, Peter-
dc.identifier.citationKnowledge for Growth, 10th (anniversary!) Edition of Flanders Bio Annual Life Sciences Convention, Ghent - Belgium, 08/05/2014-
dc.description.abstractThe bony attachments of the PIP (proximal interphalangeal) joint's collateral ligaments of the finger, are known as the so-called entheses. Enthesitis as a key-mechanism in human arthritis was investigated by various authors (e.g., McGonagle et al., 2003). Therefore we carried out a meticulous morphological reappraisal, based on coronal HR-MRI slices of a normal anatomical specimen of an extended PIP joint (Lippens et al. , 1997). Additional coronal histological sections (Masson Trichrome & Weigert Orcein staining) of a PIP collateral ligament from a normal finger anatomical specimen, observed under low power magnification, reveal crisscrossing of collagen fiber bundles with virtually no elasticity. This contrasts with the simple parallelism of collagen fibers as sketched in the diagrams from literature.-
dc.rightsKnowledge for Growth, 10th Edition, Ghent, FlandersBio, Jonas De Backer, Communications Coordinator FlandersBio. More information on
dc.subject.otherrheumatoid arthritis; proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint of the finger; entheses; HR-MRI; PIP joint collateral ligament; histology-
dc.titleMorphological matching of proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint arthritis-related entheses-
dc.typeConference Material-
local.bibliographicCitation.conferencenameKnowledge for Growth, 10th (anniversary!) Edition of Flanders Bio Annual Life Sciences Convention-
local.bibliographicCitation.conferenceplaceGhent - Belgium-
dc.description.notesParts of the results were presented in two recent Biomedical Sciences Junior Master Theses (MSc Clinical Molecular Sciences), University of Hasselt, Belgium.-
dc.relation.referencesFranzen JL (1993) The oldest primate hands: Additional remarks and observations. In: Preuschoft H, Chivers DJ, eds. Hands of Primates. Springer-Verlag, New York, 379-386. van Zwieten KJ, Hotterbeekx A, Pouydebat E, Schmidt KP, Helder P, Lippens PL (2013) Some functional-anatomical characteristic of finger movements in the hands of human and other primates. In: Varzin SA, Diodorov TI, eds. VIIIth Annual All-Russian Research and Practical Conference with International Participation “Health - the Base of Human Potential: Problems and Ways to Solve Them”, Proceedings of the Conference, 21 - 23 November, 2013, Saint Petersburg, 8, 1, 518-528. McGonagle D, Marzo-Ortega H, Benjamin M, Emery P (2003) Report on the Second International Enthesitis Workshop. Arthritis & Rheumatism, 48, 4, 896-905. Lippens PL, Adriaensens P, van Zwieten KJ, Gelan J, De Moor O (1997) High resolution MRI of flexor and extensor tendons in the human finger. Journal of Morphology, 232, 3, 287-287. Hintringer W, Leixnering M (1991) Knöcherne oder ligamentäre Verletzungen am Mittelgelenk und ihre Behandlung. Handchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie, plastische Chirurgie, 23, 59-66.-
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item.contributorKOSTEN, Lauren-
item.contributorLIPPENS, Peter-
item.contributorVAN ZWIETEN, Koos Jaap-
item.contributorLAMBRICHTS, Ivo-
item.contributorDE MUNTER, Stephanie-
item.contributorADRIAENSENS, Peter-
item.fullcitationVAN ZWIETEN, Koos Jaap; LAMBRICHTS, Ivo; KOSTEN, Lauren; DE MUNTER, Stephanie; ADRIAENSENS, Peter & LIPPENS, Peter (2014) Morphological matching of proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint arthritis-related entheses. In: Knowledge for Growth, 10th (anniversary!) Edition of Flanders Bio Annual Life Sciences Convention, Ghent - Belgium, 08/05/2014.-
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