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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
2021Development of laser subsystem for OSCAR-QUBE sensor: testing and characterization of performance in pulsed and continuous-wave operationGorissen, JeffreyTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Application of neural networks in the analyses of gamma spectra collected during UAV flightsVan Dyck, DaanTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Geometrical imperfections in numerical models of steel bridgesWeckx, JesseTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Strength optimisation of chains and D-rings using additive manufacturingEngelbosch, Stan; Hennebert, BramTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Characterization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons exposure in Portugal by biomonitoringEl Chalid, TobiasTheses and DissertationsT2
2021The potential of radiomics with PET/CT: study of correlations with the metabolic profile and its discriminative powerDeckers, Laura; Truyens, RaniTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Design and implementation of a hybrid biogas plant to reduce environmental pollution and food wasteVanhoudt, Daan; Corthouts, TobiasTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Automated resupply management in existing production line with a cobot and an automated guided vehicleVan Rompaey, WouterTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Validation of ALEPH2 burn-up code using benchmarks from SFCOMPOPollet, Linde Theses and DissertationsT2
2021A pilot project to introduce renewable energy and reduce environmental pollution by using a solar collector in KenyaVan Schijndel, Kjel; Vandenberghe, LeonTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Analyse van technische installaties in meergezinswoningenBollen, KoenTheses and DissertationsT2
2021A new ╬▓eff measurement system using the Californium Source MethodMatthys, LenaTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Validation of Different Power Loss Models for a Bidirectional Isolated Dual-Active-Bridge DC-DC Converter used in Ultra-fast, Modular Electric Vehicle ChargersWillems, Dries; Wouters, JaanTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Onderzoek naar Digital Twin en ontwerp van een smart-grid-opstelling met maximale test- en aanstuurmogelijkheden voor de T2-campusAmerica, SamTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Validatie en optimalisatie van het koelsysteem van het hybride testvoertuigVanpol, NickTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Ontwikkeling en validatie van een innoverende stabilisatorstang met progressieve stijfheidHouben, Bert ; Vanherck, JarneTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Ontwikkeling van een ROS-driver voor de Human Interface Mate en validatie in een framework voor mens-robotassemblageVan de Heijning, Brecht; Lemmens, BrandonTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Snelle en nauwkeurige posebepaling van infrarood- en dieptecamera t.o.v. een werkstation: experimentele vergelijking van registratiealgoritmesSeveri, Kyle; Van den Berckt, JanTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Optimisation of wheelchairs for Paralympic athletes: design of a flexible carbon fibre backrestBiesmans, TimTheses and DissertationsT2
2021Optimalisatie van procesparameters voor krasbestendige en anti-reflecterende coatings via ultrasoon spraycoaten van nanokristallijne diamanten deklagenDerom, Nicolas; Janssen, BrechtTheses and DissertationsT2
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 534