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Title: Farm household risk balancing: empirical evidence from Switzerland
Authors: DE MEY, Yann 
Wauters, E.
Smid, D.
Lips, M.
Issue Date: 2014
Source: 14th EAAE Congress, Ljubljana, 26-29th August 2014
Abstract: This paper presents empirical evidence on household risk balancing behavior, i.e. farm households making strategic off-farm decisions in response to changes in expected business risk. Using Swiss FADN data, we estimate a fixed effects seemingly unrelated regression model to analyse how farm households jointly alter their levels of debt, off-farm income and consumption. The evidence suggests that farm households not only make strategic changes in debt levels (original risk balancing), but also strategic off-farm decisions (household risk balancing). Our results demonstrate that part of the behavioral risk response of farm households is ignored when focusing solely on farm-level analyses.
Keywords: farm risk; off-farm risk; financial risk; off-farm income; consumption
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Category: C2
Type: Conference Material
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