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dc.contributor.authorMadsen, Morten V.-
dc.contributor.authorGevorgyan, Suren A.-
dc.contributor.authorPacios, R.-
dc.contributor.authorAjuria, J.-
dc.contributor.authorEtxebarria, I.-
dc.contributor.authorKettle, Jeff-
dc.contributor.authorBristow, Noel D.-
dc.contributor.authorNeophytou, Marios-
dc.contributor.authorChoulis, Stelios A.-
dc.contributor.authorRoman, Lucimara Stolz-
dc.contributor.authorYohannes, Teketel-
dc.contributor.authorCester, Andrea-
dc.contributor.authorCheng, Pei-
dc.contributor.authorZhan, Xiaowei-
dc.contributor.authorWu, Jiang-
dc.contributor.authorXie, Zhiyuan-
dc.contributor.authorTu, Wei-Chen-
dc.contributor.authorHe, Jr-Hau-
dc.contributor.authorFell, Christopher J.-
dc.contributor.authorAnderson, Kenrick-
dc.contributor.authorHermenau, Martin-
dc.contributor.authorBartesaghi, Davide-
dc.contributor.authorKoster, L. Jan Anton-
dc.contributor.authorMachui, Florian-
dc.contributor.authorGonzalez-Valls, Irene-
dc.contributor.authorLira-Cantu, Monica-
dc.contributor.authorKhlyabich, Petr P.-
dc.contributor.authorThompson, Barry C.-
dc.contributor.authorGupta, Ritu-
dc.contributor.authorShanmugam, Kiruthika-
dc.contributor.authorKulkarni, Giridhar U.-
dc.contributor.authorGalagan, Yulia-
dc.contributor.authorUrbina, Antonio-
dc.contributor.authorAbad, Jose-
dc.contributor.authorRoesch, Roland-
dc.contributor.authorHoppe, Harald-
dc.contributor.authorMorvillo, P.-
dc.contributor.authorBobeico, E.-
dc.contributor.authorPanaitescu, Eugen-
dc.contributor.authorMenon, Latika-
dc.contributor.authorLuo, Qun-
dc.contributor.authorWu, Zhenwu-
dc.contributor.authorMa, Changqi-
dc.contributor.authorHambarian, Artak-
dc.contributor.authorMelikyan, Varuzhan-
dc.contributor.authorHambsch, M.-
dc.contributor.authorBurn, Paul L.-
dc.contributor.authorMeredith, Paul-
dc.contributor.authorRath, Thomas-
dc.contributor.authorDunst, Sebastian-
dc.contributor.authorTrimmel, Gregor-
dc.contributor.authorBardizza, Giorgio-
dc.contributor.authorMuellejans, Harald-
dc.contributor.authorGoryachev, A. E.-
dc.contributor.authorMisra, Ravi K.-
dc.contributor.authorKatz, Eugene A.-
dc.contributor.authorTakagi, Katsuhiko-
dc.contributor.authorMagaino, Shinichi-
dc.contributor.authorSaito, Hidenori-
dc.contributor.authorAoki, Daisuke-
dc.contributor.authorSommeling, Paul M.-
dc.contributor.authorKroon, Jan M.-
dc.contributor.authorVANGERVEN, Tim-
dc.contributor.authorMANCA, Jean-
dc.contributor.authorKESTERS, Jurgen-
dc.contributor.authorMAES, Wouter-
dc.contributor.authorBobkova, Olga D.-
dc.contributor.authorTrukhanov, Vasily A.-
dc.contributor.authorParaschuk, Dmitry Yu.-
dc.contributor.authorCastro, Fernando A.-
dc.contributor.authorBlakesley, James-
dc.contributor.authorTuladhar, Sachetan M.-
dc.contributor.authorRoehr, Jason Alexander-
dc.contributor.authorNelson, Jenny-
dc.contributor.authorXia, Jiangbin-
dc.contributor.authorParlak, Elif Alturk-
dc.contributor.authorTumay, Tulay Ash-
dc.contributor.authorEgelhaaf, Hans-Joachim-
dc.contributor.authorTanenbaum, David M.-
dc.contributor.authorFerguson, Gretta Mae-
dc.contributor.authorCarpenter, Robert-
dc.contributor.authorChen, Hongzheng-
dc.contributor.authorZimmermann, Birger-
dc.contributor.authorHirsch, Lionel-
dc.contributor.authorWantz, Guillaume-
dc.contributor.authorSun, Ziqi-
dc.contributor.authorSingh, Pradeep-
dc.contributor.authorBapat, Chaitnya-
dc.contributor.authorOffermans, Ton-
dc.contributor.authorKrebs, Frederik C.-
dc.identifier.citationSOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, 130, p. 281-290-
dc.description.abstractAccurate characterization and reporting of organic photovoltaic (OPV) device performance reniains one of the important challenges in the field. The large spread among the efficiencies of devices with the same structure reported by different groups is significantly caused by different procedures and equipment used during testing. The presented article addresses this issue by offering a new method of device testing using "suitcase sample" approach combined with outdoor testing that limits the diversity of the equipment, and a strict measurement protocol. A round robin outdoor characterization of roll-to-roll coated OPV cells and modules conducted among 46 laboratories worldwide is presented, where the samples and the testing equipment were integrated in a compact suitcase that served both as a sample transportation tool and as a holder and test equipment during testing. In addition, an internet based coordination was used via that allowed fast and efficient communication among participants and provided a controlled reporting format for the results that eased the analysis of the data. The reported deviations among the laboratories were limited to 5% when compared to the Si reference device integrated in the suitcase and were up to 8% when calculated using the local irradiance data. Therefore, this method offers a fast, cheap and efficient tool for sample sharing and testing that allows conducting outdoor measurements of OPV devices in a reproducible manner. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.-
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work has been supported by the EUDP ( 64012-0202), the Danish National Research Foundation, the Eurotech Universities Alliance project "Interface science for photovoltaics (ISPV)", the European Research Infrastructure (SOPHIA), the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education under a Sapere Aude Top Scientist Grant no.(DFF - 1335-00037A), an Elite Scientist Grant no.(11-116028), MICINN-Spain(Grant # MAT2010-21267-C02-02) including FEDER funds, the UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, the Royal Society and the EPSRC for grants EP/G031088, EP/J500021 and EP/K030671. MN and SAC acknowledge co-funding by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation (Strategic Infrastructure Project NEA gamma Pi O Delta OMH/Sigma TPATH/0308/06). A. E. G., R. K. M. and E.A. K. thank a financial support from the European Commission's Seventh Framework Program under Grant agreement no. 261936.-
dc.rights© 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.-
dc.subject.otherOPV; round robin; interlaboratory study; worldwide coverage; organic photovoltaic; efficiency reporting-
dc.titleWorldwide outdoor round robin study of organic photovoltaic devices and modules-
dc.typeJournal Contribution-
dc.description.notesMadsen, MV (reprint author), Tech Univ Denmark, Dept Energy Convers & Storage, Frederiksborgvej 399, DK-4000 Roskilde,
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item.contributorKhlyabich, Petr P.-
item.contributorHambarian, Artak-
item.contributorAjuria, J.-
item.contributorTanenbaum, David M.-
item.contributorWu, Zhenwu-
item.contributorNeophytou, Marios-
item.contributorWu, Jiang-
item.contributorHoppe, Harald-
item.contributorKatz, Eugene A.-
item.contributorGevorgyan, Suren A.-
item.contributorOffermans, Ton-
item.contributorParaschuk, Dmitry Yu.-
item.contributorMANCA, Jean-
item.contributorWantz, Guillaume-
item.contributorGalagan, Yulia-
item.contributorCastro, Fernando A.-
item.contributorHe, Jr-Hau-
item.contributorTuladhar, Sachetan M.-
item.contributorSingh, Pradeep-
item.contributorCarpenter, Robert-
item.contributorCheng, Pei-
item.contributorFerguson, Gretta Mae-
item.contributorBristow, Noel D.-
item.contributorXia, Jiangbin-
item.contributorBurn, Paul L.-
item.contributorPacios, R.-
item.contributorEtxebarria, I.-
item.contributorBartesaghi, Davide-
item.contributorKroon, Jan M.-
item.contributorCester, Andrea-
item.contributorRath, Thomas-
item.contributorMeredith, Paul-
item.contributorAoki, Daisuke-
item.contributorZimmermann, Birger-
item.contributorMachui, Florian-
item.contributorBobeico, E.-
item.contributorParlak, Elif Alturk-
item.contributorHambsch, M.-
item.contributorZhan, Xiaowei-
item.contributorAbad, Jose-
item.contributorGupta, Ritu-
item.contributorMorvillo, P.-
item.contributorPanaitescu, Eugen-
item.contributorKESTERS, Jurgen-
item.contributorMagaino, Shinichi-
item.contributorFell, Christopher J.-
item.contributorAnderson, Kenrick-
item.contributorNelson, Jenny-
item.contributorEgelhaaf, Hans-Joachim-
item.contributorLuo, Qun-
item.contributorSaito, Hidenori-
item.contributorRoman, Lucimara Stolz-
item.contributorLira-Cantu, Monica-
item.contributorTumay, Tulay Ash-
item.contributorKrebs, Frederik C.-
item.contributorUrbina, Antonio-
item.contributorMuellejans, Harald-
item.contributorKoster, L. Jan Anton-
item.contributorKulkarni, Giridhar U.-
item.contributorXie, Zhiyuan-
item.contributorRoesch, Roland-
item.contributorBardizza, Giorgio-
item.contributorDunst, Sebastian-
item.contributorHirsch, Lionel-
item.contributorMa, Changqi-
item.contributorThompson, Barry C.-
item.contributorChen, Hongzheng-
item.contributorBlakesley, James-
item.contributorMadsen, Morten V.-
item.contributorTu, Wei-Chen-
item.contributorGonzalez-Valls, Irene-
item.contributorBobkova, Olga D.-
item.contributorChoulis, Stelios A.-
item.contributorSommeling, Paul M.-
item.contributorHermenau, Martin-
item.contributorMenon, Latika-
item.contributorVANGERVEN, Tim-
item.contributorRoehr, Jason Alexander-
item.contributorGoryachev, A. E.-
item.contributorMAES, Wouter-
item.contributorKettle, Jeff-
item.contributorTrimmel, Gregor-
item.contributorBapat, Chaitnya-
item.contributorTakagi, Katsuhiko-
item.contributorTrukhanov, Vasily A.-
item.contributorShanmugam, Kiruthika-
item.contributorMisra, Ravi K.-
item.contributorSun, Ziqi-
item.contributorMelikyan, Varuzhan-
item.contributorYohannes, Teketel-
item.fullcitationMadsen, Morten V.; Gevorgyan, Suren A.; Pacios, R.; Ajuria, J.; Etxebarria, I.; Kettle, Jeff; Bristow, Noel D.; Neophytou, Marios; Choulis, Stelios A.; Roman, Lucimara Stolz; Yohannes, Teketel; Cester, Andrea; Cheng, Pei; Zhan, Xiaowei; Wu, Jiang; Xie, Zhiyuan; Tu, Wei-Chen; He, Jr-Hau; Fell, Christopher J.; Anderson, Kenrick; Hermenau, Martin; Bartesaghi, Davide; Koster, L. Jan Anton; Machui, Florian; Gonzalez-Valls, Irene; Lira-Cantu, Monica; Khlyabich, Petr P.; Thompson, Barry C.; Gupta, Ritu; Shanmugam, Kiruthika; Kulkarni, Giridhar U.; Galagan, Yulia; Urbina, Antonio; Abad, Jose; Roesch, Roland; Hoppe, Harald; Morvillo, P.; Bobeico, E.; Panaitescu, Eugen; Menon, Latika; Luo, Qun; Wu, Zhenwu; Ma, Changqi; Hambarian, Artak; Melikyan, Varuzhan; Hambsch, M.; Burn, Paul L.; Meredith, Paul; Rath, Thomas; Dunst, Sebastian; Trimmel, Gregor; Bardizza, Giorgio; Muellejans, Harald; Goryachev, A. E.; Misra, Ravi K.; Katz, Eugene A.; Takagi, Katsuhiko; Magaino, Shinichi; Saito, Hidenori; Aoki, Daisuke; Sommeling, Paul M.; Kroon, Jan M.; VANGERVEN, Tim; MANCA, Jean; KESTERS, Jurgen; MAES, Wouter; Bobkova, Olga D.; Trukhanov, Vasily A.; Paraschuk, Dmitry Yu.; Castro, Fernando A.; Blakesley, James; Tuladhar, Sachetan M.; Roehr, Jason Alexander; Nelson, Jenny; Xia, Jiangbin; Parlak, Elif Alturk; Tumay, Tulay Ash; Egelhaaf, Hans-Joachim; Tanenbaum, David M.; Ferguson, Gretta Mae; Carpenter, Robert; Chen, Hongzheng; Zimmermann, Birger; Hirsch, Lionel; Wantz, Guillaume; Sun, Ziqi; Singh, Pradeep; Bapat, Chaitnya; Offermans, Ton & Krebs, Frederik C. (2014) Worldwide outdoor round robin study of organic photovoltaic devices and modules. In: SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, 130, p. 281-290.-
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