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Title: Forests under International Climate Change Law
Authors: GORDEEVA, Yelena 
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Far East Federal University
Source: Zheredij, U.; Kulinicz, A.; Pryazhennikov, M.; Sharapova, A. (Ed.). Mikhailovsky Scientific Readings, p. 18-23
Series/Report: Materials of the Scientific Conference
Abstract: Contemporary science proves that the two global environmental problems, such as climate change (CC) and global deforestation, are interdependent. On the one hand, CC disadvantages health and vitality of trees. On the other, forest degradation and deforestation releases carbon stored in each tree and soil into the atmosphere and reduce carbon uptake by forests, thus, contribute to CC. In order to be effective, laws, designed to solve the environmental problems, should take into account the scientific evidence on the interdependence of CC and global deforestation. Traditionally the two environmental problems have been regulated in international law largely as separate and distinct. Based on the contemporary scientific evidence, more attention should be paid to deforestation role in climate change international law.
Keywords: international climate change law; international law on forests; fragmentation
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ISBN: 9785744433215
Category: C1
Type: Proceedings Paper
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