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Title: Are fatigue-related EMG-parameters correlated to trunk extensor muscles fatigue induced by the Sörensen test?
Authors: Demoulin Christophe
George, Florian
MATHEVE, Thomas 
Jidovtseff, Boris
Vanderthommen, Marc
Issue Date: 2016
Source: 9th Interdisciplinary World Congress of Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain - Progress in Evidence based diagnosis and treatment, Singapore - Singapore, 30/10-3/11/2016
Abstract: The Sorensen test has been extensively studied and is a rapid, simple, and reproducible evaluation of the trunk extensor muscles [1]. It is often considered as a fatigue test because fatigue-related electromyographic (EMG) parameters change throughout the test [2]; however, only recently it has been confirmed that this test induces a decrease of trunk extensor force during a maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) [3], which best characterises muscle fatigue. The main aim of this study was to investigate the correlation between the decrease in MVC torque of the trunk extensors induced by the Sorensen test and the changes in fatigue-related EMG.
Keywords: fatigue; muscle; endurance; low back pain; electromyography
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