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dc.contributor.authorHUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth-
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dc.identifier.citationKanstrup, Anne Marie; Bygholm, Anne; Bertelsen, Pernille; Nøhr, Christian (Ed.). Participatory Design & Health Information Technology, IOS Press, p. 30-43-
dc.description.abstractThis paper stresses the need for more research in the field of Participatory Design (PD) and in particular into how to design Health Information Technology (HIT) together with care providers and -receivers in multicultural settings. We contribute to this research by describing a case study, the ‘Health-Cultures’ project, in which we designed HIT for the context of home care of older people with a migration background. The Health-Cultures project is located in the city of Genk, Belgium, which is known for its multicultural population, formed by three historical migration waves of people coming to work in the nowadays closed coal mines. Via a PD approach, we studied existing means of dialogue and designed HIT that both care receivers and care providers in Genk can use in their daily exchanges between cultures in home care contexts. In discussing relevant literature as well as the results of this study, we point to the need and the ways of taking spatio-historical aspects of a specific healthcare situation into account in the PD of HIT to support multicultural perspectives on healthcare.-
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dc.subject.othermulticulturality; Participatory Design; healthcare-
dc.titleInfrastructuring Multicultural Healthcare Information Systems-
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local.bibliographicCitation.authorsKanstrup, Anne Marie-
local.bibliographicCitation.authorsBygholm, Anne-
local.bibliographicCitation.authorsBertelsen, Pernille-
local.bibliographicCitation.authorsNøhr, Christian-
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item.fullcitationDreessen, Katrien; HUYBRECHTS, Liesbeth; Grönvall, Erik & Hendriks, Niels (2017) Infrastructuring Multicultural Healthcare Information Systems. In: Kanstrup, Anne Marie; Bygholm, Anne; Bertelsen, Pernille; Nøhr, Christian (Ed.). Participatory Design & Health Information Technology, IOS Press, p. 30-43.-
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