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Title: International criteria for electrocardiographic interpretation in athletes: consensus statement
Authors: Drezner, Jonathan A.
Sharma, Sanjay
Baggish, Aaron
Papadakis, Michael
Wilson, Mathew G.
Prutkin, Jordan M.
La Gerche, Andre
Ackerman, Michael J.
Borjesson, Mats
Salerno, Jack C.
Asif, Irfan M.
Owens, David S.
Chung, Eugene H.
Emery, Michael S.
Froelicher, Victor F.
Adamuz, Carmen
Asplund, Chad A.
Cohen, Gordon
Harmon, Kimberly G.
Marek, Joseph C.
Molossi, Silvana
Niebauer, Josef
Pelto, Hank F.
Perez, Marco V.
Riding, Nathan R.
Saarel, Tess
Schmied, Christian M.
Shipon, David M.
Stein, Ricardo
Vetter, Victoria L.
Pelliccia, Antonio
Corrado, Domenico
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the leading cause of mortality in athletes during sport. A variety of mostly hereditary, structural or electrical cardiac disorders are associated with SCD in young athletes, the majority of which can be identified or suggested by abnormalities on a resting 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). Whether used for diagnostic or screening purposes, physicians responsible for the cardiovascular care of athletes should be knowledgeable and competent in ECG interpretation in athletes. However, in most countries a shortage of physician expertise limits wider application of the ECG in the care of the athlete. A critical need exists for physician education in modern ECG interpretation that distinguishes normal physiological adaptations in athletes from distinctly abnormal findings suggestive of underlying pathology. Since the original 2010 European Society of Cardiology recommendations for ECG interpretation in athletes, ECG standards have evolved quickly, advanced by a growing body of scientific data and investigations that both examine proposed criteria sets and establish new evidence to guide refinements. On 26-27 February 2015, an international group of experts in sports cardiology, inherited cardiac disease, and sports medicine convened in Seattle, Washington (USA), to update contemporary standards for ECG interpretation in athletes. The objective of the meeting was to define and revise ECG interpretation standards based on new and emerging research and to develop a clear guide to the proper evaluation of ECG abnormalities in athletes. This statement represents an international consensus for ECG interpretation in athletes and provides expert opinion-based recommendations linking specific ECG abnormalities and the secondary evaluation for conditions associated with SCD.
Notes: [Drezner, Jonathan A.; Harmon, Kimberly G.; Pelto, Hank F.] Univ Washington, Dept Family Med, Seattle, WA 98195 USA. [Sharma, Sanjay; Papadakis, Michael] St Georges Univ London, Cardiol Clin Acad Grp, London, England. [Baggish, Aaron] Massachusetts Gen Hosp, Div Cardiol, Boston, MA 02114 USA. [Wilson, Mathew G.; Adamuz, Carmen; Riding, Nathan R.] Orthopaed & Sports Med Hosp, ASPETAR, Dept Sports Med, Doha, Qatar. [Prutkin, Jordan M.; Owens, David S.] Univ Washington, Div Cardiol, Seattle, WA 98195 USA. [La Gerche, Andre] Baker IDI Heart & Diabet Inst, Melbourne, Vic, Australia. [Ackerman, Michael J.] Mayo Clin, Dept Cardiovasc Dis, Rochester, MN USA. [Ackerman, Michael J.] Mayo Clin, Dept Paediat, Rochester, MN USA. [Ackerman, Michael J.] Mayo Clin, Dept Adolescent Med, Rochester, MN USA. [Ackerman, Michael J.] Mayo Clin, Dept Mol Pharmacol, Rochester, MN USA. [Ackerman, Michael J.] Mayo Clin, Dept Expt Therapeut, Rochester, MN USA. [Borjesson, Mats] Sahlgrens Univ Hosp, Ostra Sahlgrenska Acad, Dept Neurosci, Gothenburg, Sweden. [Borjesson, Mats] Sahlgrens Univ Hosp, Ostra Sahlgrenska Acad, Dept Physiol, Gothenburg, Sweden. [Salerno, Jack C.] Univ Washington, Dept Pediat, Seattle, WA 98195 USA. [Asif, Irfan M.] Univ South Carolina, Dept Family Med, Columbia, SC 29208 USA. [Chung, Eugene H.] Univ N Carolina, Sch Med, Div Cardiol, Chapel Hill, NC USA. [Emery, Michael S.] Indiana Univ Sch Med, Ctr Cardiovasc Care Athlet, Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA. [Froelicher, Victor F.] Stanford Univ, Dept Med, Stanford, CA 94305 USA. [Heidbuchel, Hein] Hasselt Univ, Hasselt, Belgium. [Asplund, Chad A.] Georgia Southern Univ, Statesboro, GA 30460 USA. [Cohen, Gordon] Univ Calif San Francisco, Sch Med, Div Paediat Surg, San Francisco, CA USA. [Cohen, Gordon] Univ Calif San Francisco, Sch Med, Div Cardiothorac Surg, San Francisco, CA USA. [Marek, Joseph C.] Advocate Heart Inst, Chicago, IL USA. [Molossi, Silvana] Baylor Coll Med, Dept Pediat, Houston, TX 77030 USA. [Molossi, Silvana] Baylor Coll Med, Div Cardiol, Houston, TX 77030 USA. [Niebauer, Josef] Paracelsus Med Univ, Res Inst Mol Sports Med & Rehabil, Univ Inst Sports Med, Salzburg, Austria. [Perez, Marco V.] Stanford Univ, Ctr Inherited Cardiovasc Dis, Stanford, CA 94305 USA. [Saarel, Tess] Cleveland Clin, Dept Pediat, Cleveland, OH 44106 USA. [Saarel, Tess] Cleveland Clin, Dept Cardiol, Cleveland, OH 44106 USA. [Schmied, Christian M.] Univ Heart Ctr, Zurich, Switzerland. [Shipon, David M.] Jefferson Univ Hosp, Heart Ctr Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA USA. [Stein, Ricardo] Hosp Clin Porto Alegre, Dept Cardiol, Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. [Vetter, Victoria L.] Childrens Hosp Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA. [Pelliccia, Antonio] Inst Sports Med & Sci, Rome, Italy. [Corrado, Domenico] Univ Padua, Med Sch, Dept Cardiac Sci, Padua, Italy. [Corrado, Domenico] Univ Padua, Med Sch, Dept Thorac Sci, Padua, Italy. [Corrado, Domenico] Univ Padua, Med Sch, Dept Vasc Sci, Padua, Italy.
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ISSN: 0306-3674
e-ISSN: 1473-0480
DOI: 10.1136/bjsports-2016-097331
ISI #: 000400581000007
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Type: Journal Contribution
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