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Title: Multiple Directorships: a curse or a blessing? A story of fit or misfit
Authors: LATIF, Bilal 
Advisors: VOORDECKERS, Wim
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This dissertation provides another stepping stone towards a more comprehensive understating of the different dynamics of multiple directorships within different types of directors as well in different context how their effect varies. We started to uncover the channels and the context when multiple directorships are a curse and blessing. To enrich our understanding, we also shed light on the dark side of the multiple directorship and discuss when it becomes less dark. Further, we discuss how the behavior of different types of directors differs when there is convergence with the interests of shareholders. This dissertation also sheds light on the context when the effect of multiple directorships is pronounced. As such, we have paved part of the way on this issue, yet there are still many directions which remain underresearched. Therefore, we hope this dissertation will prompt further research on the effects of multiple directorships on board effectiveness and board task performance and will provide more insights concerning a board of directors.
Keywords: Multiple Directorships; Board of directors; Firm Performance; Board Meetings
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ISBN: 9789089130679
Category: T1
Type: Theses and Dissertations
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