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Title: On the phylogeny of families and genera within the Temnocephalida
Authors: Joffe, BI
Cannon, LRG
Issue Date: 1998
Source: HYDROBIOLOGIA, 383. p. 263-268
Abstract: Temnocephalida includes species demonstrating many intermediate steps presenting the transition from commensalism to parasitism. Dramatic morphological changes also occurred within this group but the number of supraspecific taxa is small, making the Temnocephalida an excellent model for evolutionary studies. Having summarised original and relevant published morphological data, we suggest a cladogram (phylogenetic tree) which nearly fully resolves the order of branching of families and main genera within the Temnocephalida. We also introduce a new family, the Diceratocephalidae nov. fam.
Notes: Russian Acad Sci, Inst Zool, St Petersburg 199034, Russia. Queensland Museum, Cultural Ctr, S Brisbane, Qld 4101, Australia. Limburgs Univ Ctr, Dept SBG, Res Grp Zool, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium.Joffe, BI, Russian Acad Sci, Inst Zool, V-034, St Petersburg 199034, Russia.
Keywords: epidermis; musculature; phylogeny; plathelminthes; sucker; systematics; tentacles; Temnocephalida
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ISI #: 000078947200034
Type: Journal Contribution
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