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Title: EQUADIFF 2003: proceedings of the International Conference on Differential Equations, Hasselt, Belgium, 22-26 July 2003
Authors: DUMORTIER, Freddy 
Broer, H.
Mawhin, J.
Vanderbauwhede, A.
Verduyn, Lunel S.
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: World Scientific
Abstract: This comprehensive volume contains the state of the art on ODE’s and PDE’s of different nature, functional differential equations, delay equations, and others, mostly from the dynamical systems point of view. A broad range of topics are treated through contributions by leading experts of their fields, presenting the most recent developments. A large variety of techniques are being used, stressing geometric, topological, ergodic and numerical aspects. The scope of the book is wide, ranging from pure mathematics to various applied fields. Examples of the latter are provided by subjects from earth and life sciences, classical mechanics and quantum-mechanics, among others.
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ISBN: 978-981-256-169-5
Category: B1
Type: Book
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