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Title: VIP-lab: a virtual lab for ICT experience prototyping
Authors: CONINX, Karin 
HAESEN, Mieke 
Bierhoff, J.
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Noldus Information Technology
Source: Noldus, Lucas P.J.J. & Grieco, Fabrizio & Loijens, Leanne W.S. & Zimmerman, Patrick H. (Ed.) Proceedings of Measuring Behavior 2005. p. 585-586.
Abstract: In this paper we present a 'Virtual Lab for ICT Experience Prototyping' as a joint organization of a number of research groups in Belgium and the Netherlands. the main goal of the project is to provide a multidisciplinary, profiled, accessible service, organizing all of the prototyping steps for ICT in enterprises. To develop user-friendly prototypes, our approach will be based on ICT Experience Prototyping. We will describe a case study to illustrate the methodology, with special attention to observations of target users. The end product of this case study will be an evaluated prototype of a flexible user interface for the mobile journalist.
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ISBN: 90-74821-71-5
Category: C1
Type: Proceedings Paper
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