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Title: Typed query languages for databases containing queries
Authors: NEVEN, Frank 
Van Gucht, Dirk
Vossen, Gottfried
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: ACM Press
Source: PODS 1998, USA : Seattle, Washington, ACM Press
Abstract: This paper introduces and studies the relational meta algebra, a statically typed extension of the relational algebra to allow for meta programming in databases. In this meta algebra one can manipulate database relations involving not only stored data values (as in classical relational databases) but also stored relational algebra expressions. Topics discussed include modeling of advanced database applications involving "procedural data"; desirability as well as limitations of a strict typing discipline in this context; equivalence with a first-order calculus; and global expressive power and non-redundancy of the proposed formalism.
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ISBN: 0-89791-996-3
Type: Proceedings Paper
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