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Title: Plasma deposition of conjugated polymers at atmospheric pressure
Authors: Dams, Roel 
Advisors: Vanderzande, Dirk
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: UHasselt Diepenbeek
Abstract: Conjugated polymers possess some unique properties, which make them useful for a lot of applications. However, their rigid structure makes them insoluble and difficult to process. Today, (electro)chemically produced conjugated polymers can be synthesized in batch processes for applications with high added value. In-line processing is still difficult. Therefore, plasma technology at atmospheric pressure is presented in this thesis as an alternative synthesis method. Besides the possibility for in-line deposition directly onto the substrate, there is the advantage of dry processing. No solvents are needed, which is an important environmental benefit. ln this thesis, two objectives were postulated: • Proof of principle of atmospheric pressure plasma deposition of conjugated polymer coatings, with retention of their typical properties. • Development of a plasma deposited conjugated polymer coating for corrosion protection of metals, in order to replace toxic chromium conversion coatings.
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