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Title: Melatonin has dose-dependent effects on folliculogenesis, oocyte maturation capacity and steroidogenesis
Authors: Adriaens, I.
Jacquet, P.
Cortvrindt, R.
Smitz, J.
Issue Date: 2006
Source: TOXICOLOGY, 228(2-3). p. 333-343
Abstract: Chemo and/or radiotherapy applied to young cancer patients most often have severe effects upon female fertility. Today, few options are available to protect ovarian function in females. However, these options are either ineffective, belong to the field of experimental research or/and are not applicable to all patients. Drugs that could protect the oocyte and its surrounding feeder cells from damage can be of great importance. Melatonin, being an important indirect antioxidant and a powerful direct free radical scavenger could be such a reagent. This paper reports the direct effects of different melatonin concentrations (range: 1 nM to 2 mM) on folliculogenesis and oogenesis of in vitro cultured mouse ovarian follicles. Early secondary mouse follicles were cultured in vitro for 12 days under different melatonin regimes. Every fourth day, survival rates were scored, follicles were morphologically evaluated and medium was collected for steroid analyses. On day 12, in vitro ovulation was induced by hCG/EGF. Eighteen hours later, oocytes were measured, oocyte maturation was evaluated and normality of spindle and chromosomes ascertained. Results obtained in this study indicated that 2 mM melatonin is toxic. One mM negatively influenced oocyte maturation capacity. In the presence of 100 mu M melatonin, androstenedione and progesterone were increased whereas estradiol was not influenced. Lower melatonin concentrations had no effect on the evaluated parameters. These data indicate an effect of melatonin on theca cell steroidogenesis. For prophylactic use, a dose of 10 mu M could be suitable to reduce oxidative stress in cultured follicles. (c) 2006 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
Notes: Free Univ Brussels VIB, Follicle Biol Unit, B-1090 Brussels, Belgium. Belgian Nucl Res Ctr, Dept Radiat Protect Radiobiol, B-2400 Mol, Belgium. Eggcentris NV, B-1731 Brussels, Belgium. Univ Hasselt, B-3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium.
Keywords: melatonin; ovary; folliculogenesis; oogenesis; steroidogenesis
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ISSN: 0300-483X
ISI #: 000242639300022
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Type: Journal Contribution
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