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12022Mental health among the Moroccan population during SARS-CoV-2 outbreak: MAROCOVID studyMenouni, A.; Berni, I; Abchouch, T.; Khouchoua, M.; Filali-Zegzouti, Y.; JANSSEN, Paul ; Kestemont, M. P.; Godderis, L.; El Jaafari, S.Journal ContributionA1
22022Two decades of statistical education collaboration in the global South: Lessons learned from an Ethiopian project and the way forwardDUCHATEAU, Luc ; JANSSEN, Paul Journal ContributionA2
32021Quantiles of the conditional residual lifetimeABRAMS, Steven ; JANSSEN, Paul ; VERAVERBEKE, Noel Journal ContributionA1
42021The Parental Pesticide and Offspring’s Epigenome Study: Towards an Integrated Use of Human Biomonitoring of Exposure and Effect BiomarkersMenouni, Aziza; Duca, Radu Corneliu; Berni, Imane; Khouchoua, Mohamed; Ghosh, Manosij; El Ghazi, Brahim; Zouine, Noura; Lhilali, Ilham; Akroute, Dina; Pauwels , Sara; Creta, Matteo; Poels , Katrien; Hoet, Peter; Vanoirbeeck, Jeroen; Kestemont, Marie-Paule; JANSSEN, Paul ; Attwood, Tara Sabo; Godderis, Lode; El Jaafari, SamirJournal ContributionA1
52020A note on the behaviour of a kernel-smoothed kernel density estimatorJANSSEN, Paul ; SWANEPOEL, Jan ; VERAVERBEKE, Noel Journal ContributionA1
62020Efficiency behaviour of kernel-smoothed kernel distribution function estimatorsJANSSEN, Paul ; SWANEPOEL, Jan ; VERAVERBEKE, Noel Journal ContributionA1
72019Dependence modeling for recurrent event times subject to right-censoring with D-vine copulasBarthel, Nicole; GEERDENS, Candida ; Czado, Claudia; JANSSEN, Paul Journal ContributionA1
82019Goodness-of-fit test for a parametric survival function with cure fractionGEERDENS, Candida ; JANSSEN, Paul ; VAN KEILEGOM, Ingrid Journal ContributionA1
92019Nonparametric estimation of the cross ratio functionABRAMS, Steven ; JANSSEN, Paul ; Swanepoel, Jan; VERAVERBEKE, Noel Journal ContributionA1
102018Conditional copula models for right-censored clustered event time data.GEERDENS, Candida ; Acar, Elif Fidan; JANSSEN, Paul Journal ContributionA1
112018Comparison of spline estimator at various levels of autocorrelation in smoothing spline non parametric regression for longitudinal dataFernandes, Adji Achmad Rinaldo; JANSSEN, Paul ; Sa'adah, Umu; Solimun; Effendi, Achmad; Nurjanna; Amaliana, LuthfatulJournal ContributionA1
122018Penalized spline estimation in varying coefficient models with censored dataHENDRICKX, Kim ; JANSSEN, Paul ; VERHASSELT, Anneleen Journal ContributionA1
132017Smooth copula-based estimation of the conditional density function with a single covariateJANSSEN, Paul ; Swanepoel, Jan; VERAVERBEKE, Noel Journal ContributionA1
142017Vine copula based inference of multivariate event time dataBarthel, Nicole; GEERDENS, Candida ; Killiches, Matthias; JANSSEN, Paul ; Czado, ClaudiaJournal ContributionA1
152016Testing for decreasing heterogeneity in a new time-varying frailty modelMunda, Marco; Legrand, Catherine; Duchateau, Luc; JANSSEN, Paul Journal ContributionA1
162016Bernstein estimation for a copula derivative with application to conditional distribution and regression functionalsJANSSEN, Paul ; Swanepoel, Jan; VERAVERBEKE, Noel Journal ContributionA1
172016Large sample properties of nonparametric copula estimators under bivariate censoringGEERDENS, Candida ; JANSSEN, Paul ; VERAVERBEKE, Noel Journal ContributionA1
182015Copula based flexible modeling of associations between clustered event timesGEERDENS, Candida ; CLAESKENS, Gerda ; JANSSEN, Paul Journal ContributionA1
192014A note on the asymptotic behavior of the Bernstein estimator of the copula densityJANSSEN, Paul ; SWANEPOEL, Jan ; VERAVERBEKE, Noel Journal ContributionA1
202013Coping with time and space in modelling malaria incidence: a comparison of survival and count regression modelsGetachew, Yehenew; JANSSEN, Paul ; Yewhalaw, Delenasaw; Speybroeck, Niko; DUCHATEAU, Luc Journal ContributionA1