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12021Can chlorophyll fluorescence imaging make the invisible visible?VALCKE, Roland Journal ContributionA1
22021Enhanced Laterally Resolved ToF-SIMS and AFM Imaging of the Electrically Conductive Structures in Cable BacteriaTHIRUVALLUR EACHAMBADI, Ragha ; Boschker, Henricus; Franquet, Alexis; Spampinato, Valentina; Hidalgo-Martinez, Silvia; VALCKE, Roland ; Meysman, Filip; MANCA, Jean Journal ContributionA1
32020An Ordered and Fail‐Safe Electrical Network in Cable BacteriaTHIRUVALLUR EACHAMBADI, Ragha ; BONNE, Robin ; CORNELISSEN, Rob ; Hidalgo‐Martinez, Silvia; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco ; Meysman, Filip J. R.; VALCKE, Roland ; CLEUREN, Bart ; MANCA, Jean Journal ContributionA1
42020Intrinsic electrical properties of cable bacteria reveal an Arrhenius temperature dependenceBONNE, Robin ; HOU, Ji-Ling ; HUSTINGS, Jeroen ; WOUTERS, Koen ; Meert, Mathijs; Hidalgo-Martinez, Silvia; CORNELISSEN, Rob ; MORINI, Filippo ; THIJS, Sofie ; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco ; VALCKE, Roland ; CLEUREN, Bart ; Meysman, Filip J. R.; MANCA, Jean Journal ContributionA1
52019A highly conductive fibre network enables centimetre-scale electron transport in multicellular cable bacteriaMeysman, Filip J. R.; CORNELISSEN, Rob ; Trashin, Stanislav; BONNE, Robin ; Martinez, Silvia Hidalgo; van der Veen, Jasper; Blom, Carsten J.; Karman, Cheryl; HOU, Ji-Ling ; THIRUVALLUR EACHAMBADI, Ragha ; Geelhoed, Jeanine S.; De Wael, Karolien; Beaumont, Hubertus J. E.; CLEUREN, Bart ; VALCKE, Roland ; van der Zant, Herre S. J.; Boschker, Henricus T. S.; MANCA, Jean Journal ContributionA1
62019Cable bacteria conduct electricity: the direct proofBONNE, Robin ; Meysman, Filip J. R.; CORNELISSEN, Rob ; Hildago-Martinez, Silvia; HOU, Ji-Ling ; CLEUREN, Bart ; VALCKE, Roland ; MANCA, Jean Conference MaterialC2
72019Combined TOF-SIMS/SPM characterization of cable bacteria – living electrical bacteria for next generation bioelectronics?THIRUVALLUR EACHAMBADI, Ragha ; Boschker, Henricus T. S.; Spampinato, Valentina; Franquet, Alexis; Hidalgo-Martinez, Silvia; VALCKE, Roland ; Meysman, Filip J.R.; MANCA, Jean Conference MaterialC2
82019Performance Index and PSII Connectivity Under Drought and Contrasting Light Regimes in the CAM Orchid PhalaenopsisCeusters, Nathalie; VALCKE, Roland ; Frans, Mario; Claes, Johan E.; Van den Ende, Wim; CEUSTERS, Johan Journal ContributionA1
92018What are the effects of protein nutrition on photosynthetic parameters and stress markers in tobacco plants?Hyskova, V.; Belonoznikova, K.; Synkova, H.; GIELEN, Heidi ; VALCKE, Roland ; Cerny, M.; Ryslava, H.Journal ContributionM
102018Morphological Study of Cell Envelope in Electron Conducting Cable BacteriaTHIRUVALLUR EACHAMBADI, Ragha ; CORNELISSEN, Rob ; Zetsche, Eva-Maria; BONNE, Robin ; Hidalgo-Martinez, Silvia; Kremer, Anneke; HOU, Ji-Ling ; VALCKE, Roland ; Meysman, Filip J.R.; MANCA, Jean Conference MaterialC2
112018What happens with tobacco metabolism if protein casein is the only source of nitrogen?Belonoznikova, K.; Cerny, M.; Synkova, H.; GIELEN, Heidi ; VALCKE, Roland ; Hyskova, V.; Hodek, O.; Krizek, T.; Schnablova, R.; Ryslava, H.Journal ContributionM
122018The Cell Envelope Structure of Cable BacteriaCORNELISSEN, Rob ; Bøggild, Andreas; THIRUVALLUR EACHAMBADI, Ragha ; Koning, Roman I.; Kremer, Anna; Hidalgo-Martinez, Silvia; Zetsche, Eva-Maria; Damgaard, Lars R.; BONNE, Robin ; DRIJKONINGEN, Jeroen ; Geelhoed, Jeanine S.; Boesen, Thomas; Boschker, Henricus T. S.; VALCKE, Roland ; Nielsen, Lars Peter; D'HAEN, Jan ; MANCA, Jean ; Meysman, Filip J. R.Journal ContributionA1
132018Fire blight host-pathogen interaction: proteome profiles of Erwinia amylovora infecting apple rootstocks.HOLTAPPELS, Michelle ; NOBEN, Jean-Paul ; Van Dijck, P.; VALCKE, Roland Journal ContributionA1
142017Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients display an altered lipoprotein profile with dysfunctional HDLJORISSEN, Winde ; WOUTERS, Elien ; BOGIE, Jeroen ; VANMIERLO, Tim ; NOBEN, Jean-Paul ; Sviridov, Denis; HELLINGS, Niels ; SOMERS, Veerle ; VALCKE, Roland ; Vanwijmeersch, Bart; STINISSEN, Piet ; Mulder, Monique T.; Remaley, Alan T.; HENDRIKS, Jerome Journal ContributionA1
152016Virulence of Erwinia amylovora, a prevalent apple pathogen: Outer membrane proteins and type III secreted effectors increase fitness and compromise plant defensesHOLTAPPELS, Michelle ; NOBEN, Jean-Paul ; VALCKE, Roland Journal ContributionA1
162016The in planta proteome of wild type strains of the fire blight pathogen, Erwinia amylovoraHOLTAPPELS, Michelle ; Vrancken, Kristof; NOBEN, Jean-Paul ; REMANS, Tony ; Schoofs, H.; Deckers, T.; VALCKE, Roland Journal ContributionA1
172016The estimation of the health status of plants and fruit by fluorescence approaches: a short reviewVALCKE, Roland Proceedings PaperC1
182015A comparative proteome analysis reveals flagellin, chemotaxis regulated proteins and amylovoran to be involved in virulence differences between Erwinia amylovora strains.HOLTAPPELS, Michelle ; VRANCKEN, Kristof ; Schoofs, H.; Deckers, T.; REMANS, Tony ; NOBEN, Jean-Paul ; VALCKE, Roland Journal ContributionA1
192015The plant pathogen Erwinia amylovora: a proteome investigationHOLTAPPELS, Michelle ; NOBEN, Jean-Paul ; VALCKE, Roland ; Vrancken, Kristof; Schoofs, Hilde; Deckers, TomProceedings PaperC1
202014Defense Mechanisms of Rosaceous Plants against Fire Blight Pathogen Erwinia amylovoraVRANCKEN, Kristof ; HOLTAPPELS, Michelle ; VALCKE, Roland ; Schoofs, H.; Deckers, T.; Bylemans, D.Proceedings PaperC1