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12022Supplementary data for "Pterosaur melanosomes support signalling functions for early feathers."Cincotta, Aude; Nicolaï, Michaël; Nascimento Campos, Hebert Bruno; McNamara, Maria; D'Alba, Liliana; Shawkey, Matthew D.; Kischlat, Edio-Ernst; Yans, Johan; CARLEER, Robert; Escuillié, François; Godefroit, Pascal; Cincotta, audeDatasetDS
22022Pterosaur melanosomes support signalling functions for early feathersCincotta, Aude; Nicolai, Michael; Nascimento Campos, Hebert Bruno; McNamara, Maria; D'Alba, Liliana; Shawkey, Matthew D.; Kischlat, Edio-Ernst; Yans, Johan; CARLEER, Robert; Escuillie, Francois; Godefroit, PascalJournal ContributionA1
32022Hybrid porous titania phosphonate networks with different bridging functionalities: Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation as efficient solvent separation materialsPAWLAK, Bram; MARCHAL, Wouter; Ramesha, Bharadwaj Mysore; JOOS, Bjorn; CALVI, Lavinia; D'HAEN, Jan; RUTTENS, Bart; HARDY, An; Meynen, Vera; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; CARLEER, RobertJournal ContributionA1
42022The effect of pyrolysis temperature and feedstock on biochar agronomic propertiesLATAF, Amine; JOZEFCZAK, Marijke; Vandecasteele, B.; Viaene, J.; SCHREURS, Sonja; CARLEER, Robert; YPERMAN, Jan; MARCHAL, Wouter; CUYPERS, Ann; VANDAMME, DriesJournal ContributionA1
52021Fe-TiO2/AC and Co-TiO2/AC Composites: Novel Photocatalysts Prepared from Waste Streams for the Efficient Removal and Photocatalytic Degradation of Cibacron Yellow F-4G DyeMACHADO GARCIA, Roberto; CARLEER, Robert; Arada Pérez, Maria; PUENTE TORRES, Jeamichel; Gu, Ying; SAMYN, Pieter; YPERMAN, JanJournal ContributionA1
62021Biochar from raw and spent common ivy: Impact of preprocessing and pyrolysis temperature on biochar propertiesVERCRUYSSE, Willem; Smeets, Jolien; HAELDERMANS, Tom; JOOS, Bjorn; HARDY, An; SAMYN, Pieter; YPERMAN, Jan; VANREPPELEN, Kenny; CARLEER, Robert; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, DriesJournal ContributionA1
72021Determination of the nitrogen gas transmission rate (N2GTR) of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, using a newly developed permeation measurement systemMAES, Caroline; te Molder, Maarten; Luyten, Wout; Herremans, Geert; Winckelmans, Naomi; Peeters, Roos; CARLEER, Robert; BUNTINX, MiekeJournal ContributionA1
82021X-ray Absorption (XRA): A New Technique for the Characterization of Granular Activated CarbonsPUENTE TORRES, Jeamichel; CRESPO SARIOL, Harold; MARINO PEACOK, Thayset; YPERMAN, Jan; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; CARLEER, Robert; Brito Sauvanell, AngelJournal ContributionA1
92021A study of the barrier properties of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers using gas chromatographyMAES, Caroline; Luyten, Wout; Herremans, Geert; PEETERS, Roos; CARLEER, Robert; BUNTINX, MiekeConference MaterialC2
102021A study of the barrier properties of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers using gas chromatographyMAES, Caroline; Luyten, Wout; Herremans, Geert; Peeters, Roos; CARLEER, Robert; BUNTINX, MiekeConference MaterialC2
112021Mathematical Tool Based on Breakthrough Curves to Evaluate the Economic Advantages of Chemical Regeneration of Activated Carbon in Power Plants: A Comparative StudyMARINO PEACOK, Thayset; CRESPO SARIOL, Harold; PUENTE TORRES, Jeamichel; YPERMAN, Jan; Sanchez Roca, Angel; CARLEER, Robert; Salomon Garcia, LisetJournal ContributionA1
122021Infrared thermography: A new approach for the characterization and management of activated carbons applied in water treatmentMARINO PEACOK, Thayset; CRESPO SARIOL, Harold; YPERMAN, Jan; Sánchez Roca, Á.; CARLEER, Robert; PUENTE TORRES, Jeamichel; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; Gryglewicz, G.; REGGERS, Guy; CZECH, Jan; VANDAMME, Dries; Salomón García, L.Journal ContributionA1
132020Natural rubber nanocomposites with nanocellulose: suspension rheology and elastomeric propertiesSAMYN, Pieter; REGGERS, Guy; CARLEER, RobertConference MaterialC2
142020Monitoring Variations in Thermal Curing of Nanoparticle Coatings through Confocal Raman Microscopy and Principal Component AnalysisSAMYN, Pieter; MARCHAL, Wouter; VANDAMME, Dries; ADRIAENSENS, Peter; CARLEER, RobertJournal ContributionA1
152020Experimental studies on a two-step fast pyrolysis-catalytic hydrotreatment process for hydrocarbons from microalgae (Nannochloropsis gaditana and Scenedesmus almeriensis)Priharto, Neil; Ronsse, Frederik; Prins, Wolter; CARLEER, Robert; Heeres, Hero JanJournal ContributionA1
162020Chemical preservation of tail feathers from Anchiornis huxleyi , a theropod dinosaur from the Tiaojishan Formation (Upper Jurassic, China)Cincotta, Aude; Thanh Thuy Nguyen Tu; Colaux, Julien L.; Terwagne, Guy; Derenne, Sylvie; Godefroit, Pascal; CARLEER, Robert; Anquetil, Christelle; Yans, Johan; Sansom, RobertJournal ContributionA1
172020Efficiency evaluation of thermally and chemically regenerated activated carbons used in a water cleaning system by acoustic emission analysisMARINO PEACOK, Thayset; CRESPO SARIOL, Harold; Sanchez Roca, Angel; PUENTE TORRES, Jeamichel; Gryglewicz, Grazyna; YPERMAN, Jan; CARLEER, Robert; VANDAMME, Dries; REGGERS, Guy; VANREPPELEN, Kenny; CUYVERS, Greet; VERCRUYSSE, Willem; Salomon Garcia, LisetJournal ContributionA1
182020Adsorption of Cibacron Yellow F-4G dye onto activated carbons obtained from peanut hull and rice husk: kinetics and equilibrium studiesMACHADO GARCIA, Roberto; CARLEER, Robert; Arada Perez, M.; Gryglewicz, G.; MAGGEN, Jens; HAELDERMANS, Tom; YPERMAN, JanJournal ContributionA1
192020Improvement of a new acoustic emission analysis technique to determine the activated carbon saturation level: A comparative studyMARINO PEACOK, Thayset; CRESPO SARIOL, Harold; YPERMAN, Jan; Sanchez Roca, Angel; CARLEER, Robert; PUENTE TORRES, Jeamichel; REGGERS, Guy; HAELDERMANS, Tom; THIJSSEN, Elsy; SAMYN, Pieter; Gryglewicz, Grazyna; Salomon Garcia, LisetJournal ContributionA1
202020Acoustic energy isotherms: An emergent approach for textural characterization of activated carbonsPeacok, Thayset Marino; Sariol, Harold, Crespo; Sanchez Roca, Angel; Torres, Jeamichel, Puente; Gryglewicz, Grazyna; YPERMAN, Jan; CARLEER, RobertJournal ContributionA1