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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12014Developing Scaffolds in Evolution, Culture, and Cognition ForewordMueller, Gerd B.; Wagner, Guenter P.; CALLEBAUT, WernerBook SectionB2
22007Transcendental niche constructionCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal ContributionA1
32005Again, what the philosophy of biology is notCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal ContributionA1
41999The future of naturalistic philosophy of scienceCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution
51998Mapping reality: An evolutionary realist methodology for the natural and social sciences.CALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution
61997The place of function in a world of mechanisms: contribution to a review symposium of Peter Godfrey-Smith, Complexity and the function of mind in nature, Cambridge/New York, Cambridge University Press, 1996CALLEBAUT, Werner; Stotz, KarolaJournal Contribution
71997Waarom wetenschap geen literatuur isCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution
81997Special issue in honor of Donald T. CampbellCALLEBAUT, Werner; Riedl, RupertBook
91996Evolutionair humanisme en naturalisme: een darwinistische filosofie voor de 21ste eeuwCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution
101996Leo Apostel als naturalistische wetenschapsfilosoofCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution
111995Science dynamics: the difficult birth of a metascienceCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution
121995R├ęduction et explication m├ęcaniste en biologieCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution
131995The normative issue in naturalistic philosophy of scienceCALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution
141995Piaget among the evolutionary naturalists anno 1995CALLEBAUT, WernerJournal Contribution