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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12014Developing Scaffolds in Evolution, Culture, and Cognition ForewordMueller, Gerd B.; Wagner, Guenter P.; CALLEBAUT, Werner Book SectionB2
22007Transcendental niche constructionCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal ContributionA1
32005Again, what the philosophy of biology is notCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal ContributionA1
41999The future of naturalistic philosophy of scienceCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution
51998Mapping reality: An evolutionary realist methodology for the natural and social sciences.CALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution
61997The place of function in a world of mechanisms: contribution to a review symposium of Peter Godfrey-Smith, Complexity and the function of mind in nature, Cambridge/New York, Cambridge University Press, 1996CALLEBAUT, Werner ; Stotz, KarolaJournal Contribution
71997Waarom wetenschap geen literatuur isCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution
81997Special issue in honor of Donald T. CampbellCALLEBAUT, Werner ; Riedl, RupertBook
91996Leo Apostel als naturalistische wetenschapsfilosoofCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution
101996Evolutionair humanisme en naturalisme: een darwinistische filosofie voor de 21ste eeuwCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution
111995Piaget among the evolutionary naturalists anno 1995CALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution
121995Science dynamics: the difficult birth of a metascienceCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution
131995R├ęduction et explication m├ęcaniste en biologieCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution
141995The normative issue in naturalistic philosophy of scienceCALLEBAUT, Werner Journal Contribution