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12019Sustainable Education: Essential Contributions to a 'Quadruple Helix' Interaction and Sustainable Paradigm ShiftFRANCO, Dirk ; DE VOCHT, Alain ; KUPPENS, Tom ; MARTENS, Hilda ; THEWYS, Theo ; VANHEUSDEN, Bernard ; Schepers, Marleen; SEGERS, Jean-Pierre Book SectionB2
22017The sterile male release approach as a method to control invasive amphibian populations: a preliminary study on Lithobates catesbeianusDESCAMPS, Sarah ; DE VOCHT, Alain Journal ContributionA1
32017Sustainable Education: An essential contribution in the quadrupool helix interaction towards a sustainable paradigm shiftFRANCO, Dirk ; DE VOCHT, Alain ; KUPPENS, Tom ; MARTENS, Hilda ; THEWYS, Theo ; VANHEUSDEN, Bernard Conference MaterialC2
42017Biochar Derived from the Dry, Solid Fraction of Pig Manure as Potential Fertilizer for Poor and Contaminated SoilsMAGGEN, Jens ; CARLEER, Robert ; YPERMAN, Jan ; DE VOCHT, Alain ; SCHREURS, Sonja ; REGGERS, Guy ; Thijsen, ElsyJournal ContributionA1
52016Movements and habitat use of the invasive species Lithobates catesbeianus in the valley of the Grote Nete (Belgium)DESCAMPS, Sarah ; DE VOCHT, Alain Journal ContributionA1
62015Olive mill waste biochar: a promising soil amendment for metal immobilization in contaminated soilsHmid, Amine; Al Chami, Ziad; SILLEN, Wouter ; DE VOCHT, Alain ; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco Journal ContributionA1
72013Feasibility of grass co-digestion in an agricultural digester, influence on process parameters and residue compositionDe Moor, S.; Velghe, F.; Wierinck, I.; Michels, Evi; Ryckaert, B.; DE VOCHT, Alain ; Verbeke, W.; MEERS, Erik Journal ContributionA1
82012Graskracht eindrapportGybels, Ruben; MEERS, Erik ; Devacht, Cindy; Annaert, Werner; Ryckaert, Bart; Verbeke, Willy; Schoutteten, Hermien; JANSSENS, Luc; Van Gijzeghem, Francies; DE VOCHT, Alain ; Delief, Anja; WITTERS, Nele ; VAN DAEL, Miet ; WIJGAERTS, Ann ; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco ; Vandaele, Elke; Vandenbroek, KristelResearch ReportR2
92010Long-term sustainability of metal immobilization by soil amendments: Cyclonic ashes versus lime additionRUTTENS, Ann ; ADRIAENSEN, Kristin ; Meers, E; DE VOCHT, Alain ; GEEBELEN, Wouter ; CARLEER, Robert ; Mench, M; VANGRONSVELD, Jaco Journal ContributionA1
102007Probabilistic approach to polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) exposure through eel consumption in recreational fishermen vs. the general populationBilau, M.; Sioen, I.; Matthys, Christophe; DE VOCHT, Alain ; Goemans, G.; Belpaire, C.; Willems, J. L.; De Henauw, S.Journal ContributionA1
112005Effect of hydropeaking on migrations and home range of adult Barbel (Barbus barbus) in the river MeuseDE VOCHT, Alain ; Baras, E.Book SectionB2
122003Fishes of the River Meuse: biodiversity, habitat influences and ecological indicatorsKestemont, P.; Goffaux, D.; Breine, J.; Belpaire, C.; DE VOCHT, Alain ; Philippart, J.C.; Baras, E.; Roset, N.; de Leeuw, J.; GĂ©rard, P.Proceedings PaperC2
132003Assessing the impact of recreational fisheries on nature using a vulnerability approach and GIS in Flanders, BelgiumDE VOCHT, Alain ; Denayer, B.Proceedings PaperC2
142001Vissen in Limburg: oude bekenden en nieuwe gezichtenDE VOCHT, Alain ; Coeck, J; Van Thuyne, G; Breine, JJournal ContributionA3
151999The anatomy and ultrastructure of the proboscis in Zonorhynchus-species and implications for phylogenetic relationships within the Eukalyptorhynchia Meixner, 1928 (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela)DE VOCHT, Alain ; SCHOCKAERT, Ernest Journal Contribution
161998Effects on the use of soil invertebrates in relation to soil contamination and in situ soil reclamationINDEHERBERG, Mischa; DE VOCHT, Alain ; van Gestel, C.A.M.Journal Contribution
171992Anatomie en ultrastructuur van de proboscis van eukalyptorhynchia (platyhelminthes, rhabdocola)DE VOCHT, Alain Theses and DissertationsT1