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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12010Growing from local to global, or not? An empirical testing of global sourcing's dominating stage model view.QUINTENS, Lieven ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; FAES, Wouter Conference MaterialC2
22006Global purchasing strategy: Conceptualization and measurementQUINTENS, Lieven ; PAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Journal ContributionA1
32006The global purchasing challenge : A look back and a look aheadMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; PAUWELS, Piet ; QUINTENS, Lieven Journal ContributionA2
42006Global purchasing : State of the art and research directionsQUINTENS, Lieven ; PAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Journal ContributionA1
52006Global Purchasing Strategy: determinants, dimensions and performance outcomeQUINTENS, Lieven Theses and DissertationsT1
62005The internationalization process of purchasing on both sides of the Atlantic: resemblances and differences, competitive paperQUINTENS, Lieven ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Proceedings PaperC2
72005A marketing perspective on global purchasing strategyQUINTENS, Lieven ; PAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Proceedings PaperC2
82005Purchasing internationalisation on both sides of the AtlanticQUINTENS, Lieven ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Journal ContributionA1
92004A technological contingency perspective on the depth and scope of international outsourcingMol, M.J.; PAUWELS, Piet ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; QUINTENS, Lieven Journal ContributionA1
102004IndustriĆ«le clusters: sterkten en zwakten: een visie vanuit aankoopFAES, Wouter ; QUINTENS, Lieven Book SectionB2
112003Customer perceptions on airline pricing and yield managementDE GROOTE, Patrick ; QUINTENS, Lieven Book SectionB2
122003Purchasing and inter-organisational cost management: evidence form the Belgian automotive supply chainPEETERS, Johan ; QUINTENS, Lieven Proceedings PaperC2
132003A process model of global purchasingMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; QUINTENS, Lieven ; FAES, Wouter Journal ContributionA1