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Title: Growing from local to global, or not? An empirical testing of global sourcing's dominating stage model view.
Authors: QUINTENS, Lieven 
SWINNEN, Gilbert 
FAES, Wouter 
Issue Date: 2010
Source: IPSERA, 19, Lappeenranta, Finland may 17-19 2010.
Abstract: Several studies have explored the drivers and barriers of global sourcing and how this differs between countries. This study extends previous research by not only considering these variables, but also taking into account the stage models developed to explain the differences between companies within a single country. The results indicate that 6 different clusters can be formed, each with a different set of drivers and barriers, and corresponding to various stages of the stage models. Therefore, this study bridges two main aspects of sourcing internationalization processes.
Keywords: global sourcing, stag emodel, latent clustering
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Category: C2
Type: Conference Material
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