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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeCat.
12013Green Offerings and Buyer-Supplier Collaboration in Value ChainsMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Book SectionB2
22012Buyers and e-negotiations: which impact does the communication mode have on results, tactics and behaviour at the negotiation table?FAES, Wouter ; SWINNEN, Gilbert Proceedings PaperC1
32011Crossing Over Gender Borders in Purchasing Negotiations, An Interdisciplinary Approach: Communication Patterns, Objectives and OutcomesSNELLINX, Ria ; FAES, Wouter ; SWINNEN, Gilbert Book SectionB2
42011An Analysis of Sequences of Tactics and Communication Exchanges used by Buyers in Negotiation Role PlaysSWINNEN, Gilbert ; FAES, Wouter Proceedings PaperC1
52010Gender Influences on purchasing negotiation objectives, outcomes and communication patternsFAES, Wouter ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; SNELLINX, Ria Journal ContributionA1
62010Growing from local to global, or not? An empirical testing of global sourcing's dominating stage model view.QUINTENS, Lieven ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; FAES, Wouter Conference MaterialC2
72010Creative procurement strategies to by-pass oligopolies in times of economic scarcity: a sectorial case studyDecocq, Thierry; FAES, Wouter Conference MaterialC2
82009Insights into the process of changing sourcing strategiesFAES, Wouter ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Journal ContributionA1
92009Gender Influences on Purchasing Negotiation Objectives, Outcomes and Communication PatternsFAES, Wouter ; SWINNEN, Gilbert ; SNELLINX, Ria Proceedings PaperC2
102005Managing channel relations in China: an exploratory studyMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Journal ContributionA1
112005The internationalization process of purchasing on both sides of the Atlantic: resemblances and differences, competitive paperQUINTENS, Lieven ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Proceedings PaperC2
122005From single to multiple sourcing and vice versa: insights into the process of changing strategiesFAES, Wouter ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Vanstraelen, K.Proceedings PaperC2
132005Total cost of ownershipFAES, Wouter Journal ContributionA3
142005Purchasing internationalisation on both sides of the AtlanticQUINTENS, Lieven ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Journal ContributionA1
152004Limburg en de Limburgse producten: de ""Schone Slaapster""MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter Book SectionB2
162004Marketingnoden van innovatieve bedrijven in internationaal perspectiefMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; FAES, Wouter ; Bruninx, S.; de Quecker, P.J.Book SectionB2
172004Regiomarketing voor Limburg: theoretische overwegingen en eerste aanzetBRENGMAN, Malaika ; FAES, Wouter ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul Book SectionB2
182004IndustriĆ«le clusters: sterkten en zwakten: een visie vanuit aankoopFAES, Wouter ; QUINTENS, Lieven Book SectionB2
192003A process model of global purchasingMATTHYSSENS, Paul ; QUINTENS, Lieven ; FAES, Wouter Journal ContributionA1
202001Het streven naar synergie op inkoopgebiedFAES, Wouter ; MATTHYSSENS, Paul ; Vandenbempt, K.Book SectionB3