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Title: An Analysis of Sequences of Tactics and Communication Exchanges used by Buyers in Negotiation Role Plays
Authors: SWINNEN, Gilbert 
FAES, Wouter 
Issue Date: 2011
Source: Proceedings of the 20th Annual IPSERA Conference. p. 535-555.
Abstract: Over a period of 18 years, we have investigated 1159 negotiation role plays from the purchasing point of view with respect to the communication exchanges and tactics used. The robustness of the data was guaranteed by involving the players of the games and by independent analysis of the obtained data by a panel of experts. We subdivided the role plays in four time stages using the interval driven approach. Non-parametric tests were performed on the obtained cross-tabulations and correspondence analysis was undertaken. Our results show that the more closed communication modes and competitive tactics seem to be more prevalent towards the end of the negotiation. Our research also supports the theory that during the bargaining process buyers move back and forth between competitive and cooperative stances a couple of times before finally concluding the argument and ending the negotiation.
Keywords: negotiations; communication exchanges; tactics; distributive and integrative bargaining; role plays
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ISBN: 978-94-6178-001-0
Category: C1
Type: Proceedings Paper
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