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JANS, Mieke
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Issue DateTitleContributor(s)TypeCat.
12022Special issue: Selected papers of ICPM 2019Carmona, Josep; JANS, Mieke; La Rosa, MarcelloJournal ContributionA2
22022Mining Valuable Collaborations from Event Data Using the Recency-Frequency-Monetary PrincipleJOOKEN, Leen; JANS, Mieke; DEPAIRE, Benoit; Franch, Xavier; Poels, Geert; Gailly, Frederik; Snoeck, MoniqueProceedings PaperC1
32022Digitalization in accounting - warmly embraced or coldly ignored?JANS, Mieke; Aysolmaz, Banu; CORTEN, Maarten; Joshi, Anant; van Peteghem, MathijsJournal ContributionA1
42021ICPM 2021 Doctoral Consortium and Demo Track 2021JANS, Mieke; JANSSENSWILLEN, Gert; Kalenkova, Anna; Maggi, Fabrizio MariaBookB1
52021Interview with Varun Grover on "Business Processes, Information Technology and Its Evolution in the Digital Age"Mendling, Jan; JANS, MiekeJournal ContributionA2
62021A Five-Level Framework for Research on Process Miningvom Brocke, Jan; JANS, Mieke; Mendling, Jan; Reijers, Hajo A.Journal ContributionA2
72021Board of directors and earnings management: conventional and Islamic banksABU-DAWLEH, Ahmad; LYBAERT, Nadine; STEIJVERS, Tensie; JANS, MiekeJournal ContributionA1
82021Conformance Checking in Process MiningJANS, Mieke; Weerdt, Jochen De; DEPAIRE, Benoit; Dumas, Marlon; JANSSENSWILLEN, GertJournal ContributionA2
92021An Experimental Study on Alarm Prioritization in Information Systems AuditLAGHMOUCH, Manal; Mendling, Jan; JANS, Mieke; LIZIN, SebastienConference MaterialC2
102020Establishing Requirements for the Application of Process Discovery Algorithms in Audit PracticeSenave, Elseline; LAGHMOUCH, Manal; JANS, MiekeConference MaterialC2
112020Call for Papers, Issue 5/2021 Process Mining at the Enterprise Levelvom Brocke, Jan; JANS, Mieke; Mendling, Jan; Reijers, Hajo A.Journal ContributionA2
122020The influence of business process representation on performance of different task typesRitchi, Hamzah; JANS, Mieke; Mendling, Jan; Reijers, HajoJournal ContributionA1
132020Classifying process deviations with weak supervisionLAGHMOUCH, Manal; JANS, Mieke; DEPAIRE, BenoitProceedings PaperC1
142020Extensions to the bupaR ecosystem: An overviewJANSSENSWILLEN, Gert; Mannhardt, Felix; CREEMERS, Mathijs; DEPAIRE, Benoit; JANS, Mieke; JOOKEN, Leen; MARTIN, Niels; VAN HOUDT, GregProceedings PaperC1
152019Process Deviation Categories in an Auditing ContextHOSSEINPOUR, Mehrnush; JANS, MiekeConference MaterialC2
162019Extracting A Collaboration Model From VCS Logs Based On Process Mining TechniquesJOOKEN, Leen; CREEMERS, Mathijs; JANS, MiekeProceedings PaperC1
172019Two Perspectives on Blockchains: Capabilities vs. FeaturesDebois, Soren; Dumas, Marlon; Haarmann, Stephan; Jacobsen, Hans-Arno; JANS, Mieke; Mendling, Jan; Staples, Mark; Weber, Barbara; Zerbato, Francesca; Zhang, KaiwenProceedings PaperC1
182019Factors Influencing Process Analytics on Distributed LedgersDi Ciccio, Claudio; García-Bañuelos, Luciano; JANS, Mieke; Mendling, Jan; Novotny, Petr; Stage, LudwigProceedings PaperC1
192019Building a valuable event log for process mining: an experimental exploration of a guided processJANS, Mieke; Soffer, Pnina; JOUCK, ToonJournal ContributionA1
202019Process Mining of event logs: a case study evaluating internal control effectivenessChiu, Tiffany; JANS, MiekeJournal ContributionA1