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12020Cyanine dyes with tail length asymmetry enhance photoselection: A multiscale study on DiD probes in a liquid disordered membranePaloncyova, Marketa; Aniander, Gustav; Larsson, Emma; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan Journal ContributionA1
22019Environmental effects on the charge transfer properties of Graphene quantum dot based interfacesOsella, Silvio; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan Journal ContributionA1
32019Conformational Changes as Driving Force for Phase Recognition: The Case of LaurdanOsella, Silvio; SMISDOM, Nick ; AMELOOT, Marcel ; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan Journal ContributionA1
42019Orientational distribution of DPH in lipid membranes: a comparison of molecular dynamics calculations and experimental time-resolved anisotropy experimentsPaloncyova, Marketa; AMELOOT, Marcel ; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan Journal ContributionA1
52010Correlation effects in the valence ionization spectra of large conjugated molecules: p-Benzoquinone, anthracenequinone and pentacenequinoneDELEUZE, Michael ; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan Journal ContributionA1
62010Probing electron correlation and nuclear dynamics in Momentum SpaceDELEUZE, Michael ; HAJGATO, Balazs ; MORINI, Filippo ; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan Journal ContributionA1
72008High resolution electron momentum spectroscopy of the valence orbitals of waterHAJGATO, Balazs ; HUANG, Yanru ; Zhang, SF; Liu, K; Luo, ZH; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; Deng, JK; DELEUZE, Michael Journal ContributionA1
82007Probing molecular conformations in momentum space: The case of n-pentaneKNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; HUANG, Yanru ; HAJGATO, Balazs ; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; Deng, J.K.; DELEUZE, Michael Journal ContributionA1
92007Imaging momentum orbital densities of conformationally versatile molecules: A benchmark theoretical study of the molecular and electronic structures of dimethoxymethaneHUANG, Yanru ; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; HAJGATO, Balazs ; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; Deng, J. K.; DELEUZE, Michael Journal ContributionA1
102007Theoretical study of the fragmentation pathways of norbornane in its doubly ionized ground stateKNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; HAJGATO, Balazs ; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; DELEUZE, Michael Journal ContributionA1
112007Green's Function and Dyson Orbital Studies of the Electronic Structure of Cage Compounds and Flexible Molecules: A Confrontation of Many-Body Quantum Mechanics with Electron Momentum, Photo-electron and Penning Ionization Electron SpectroscopiesKNIPPENBERG, Stefan Theses and DissertationsT1
122006Probing Dyson orbitals with Green’s Function theory and Electron Momentum SpectroscopyNing, C.G.; Ren, X.G.; Deng, J.K.; Su, G.L.; Zhang, S.F.; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; DELEUZE, Michael Journal ContributionA1
132006Green's function study of the one-electron and shake-up ionization spectra of unsaturated hydrocarbon cage compounds.KNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; DELEUZE, Michael Journal ContributionA1
142006Study of the molecular structure, ionization spectrum, and electronic wave function of 1,3-butadiene using electron momentum spectroscopy and benchmark Dyson orbital theories.DELEUZE, Michael ; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan Journal ContributionA1
152005Probing the shape and stereochemistry of molecular orbitals in locally flexible aromatic chains: A Penning ionization electron spectroscopy and Green's function study of the electronic structure of biphenylKishimoto, N; Hagihara, Y; Ohno, K; KNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; DELEUZE, Michael Journal ContributionA1
162005Investigation into the valence electronic structure of norbornene using electron momentum spectroscopy, green's function, and density functional theoriesKNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; Nixon, KL; Mackenzie-Ross, H; Brunger, MJ; Wang, F; DELEUZE, Michael ; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; Winkler, DAJournal ContributionA1
172005The band 12 issue in the electron momentum spectra of norbornane: A comparison with additional Green's Function calculations and ultraviolet photoemission measurementsKNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; DELEUZE, Michael ; CLEIJ, Thomas ; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; Cederbaum, LS; Eland, JHDJournal ContributionA1
182004Norbornane: An investigation into its valence electronic structure using electron momentum spectroscopy, and density functional and Green's function theoriesKNIPPENBERG, Stefan ; Nixon, KL; Brunger, MJ; Maddern, T; Campbell, L; Trout, N; Wang, F; Newell, WR; DELEUZE, Michael ; FRANCOIS, Jean-Pierre; Winkler, DAJournal ContributionA1