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12022Fiber Engineering Trifecta of Spinnability, Morphology, and Properties: Centrifugally Spun versus Electrospun FibersMERCHIERS, Jorgo ; Slykas, Cheryl Lynn; Martínez Narváez, Carina D. V.; BUNTINX, Mieke ; DEFERME, Wim ; Peeters, Roos; REDDY, Naveen ; Sharma, VivekJournal ContributionA1
22022A study of quenching approaches to optimize ultrasonic spray coated perovskite layers scalable for PVSILVANO, Joao ; SALA, Jacopo ; MERCKX, Tamara ; KUANG, Yinghuan ; VERDING, Pieter ; D'HAEN, Jan ; AERNOUTS, Tom ; VERMANG, Bart ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
32021Printed pH Sensors for Textile‐Based Wearables: A Conceptual and Experimental Study on Materials, Deposition Technology, and Sensing PrinciplesJOSE, Manoj ; MYLAVARAPU, Satish Kumar ; Bikkarolla, Santosh Kumar; MACHIELS, Jarne ; Sankaran, K. J.; McLaughlin, James; HARDY, An ; THOELEN, Ronald ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
42021Printing of flexible light emitting devices: A review on different technologies and devices, printing technologies and state-of-the-art applications and future prospectsVERBOVEN, Inge ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
52021Centrifugally spun poly(ethylene oxide) fibers rival the properties of electrospun fibersMERCHIERS, Jorgo ; Martinez Narvaez, Carina D. V.; Slykas, Cheryl; BUNTINX, Mieke ; DEFERME, Wim ; D'HAEN, Jan ; PEETERS, Roos ; Sharma, Vivek; REDDY, Naveen Journal ContributionA1
62021Inkjet‐Printed Lenses with Adjustable Contact Angle to Improve the Light Out‐Coupling of Organic Light‐Emitting DiodesSACHS, Ian ; FUHRMANN, Marc ; VERBOVEN, Inge ; BASAK, Indranil ; DEFERME, Wim ; Moebius, HildegardJournal ContributionA1
72021Ultrasonic spray coating of polyethylenimine (ethoxylated) as electron injection and transport layer for organic light emitting diodes: The influence of layer morphology and thickness on the interface physics between polyethylenimine (ethoxylated) and the Al cathodeVERBOVEN, Inge ; SHANIVARASANTHE NITHYANANDA KUMAR, Rachith ; VAN LANDEGHEM, Melissa ; PELLAERS, Hilde ; RUTTENS, Bart ; D'HAEN, Jan ; VANDEWAL, Koen ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA2
82021PAPERONICS: design and development of HF RFID-assisted smart packaging using hybrid electronics on paper substratesBUNTINX, Mieke ; MACHIELS, Jarne ; Segers, Elien; Henckens, Zander; Van Rompaey, Wouter; ADONS, Dimitri ; Appeltans, Raf; DEFERME, Wim Proceedings PaperC2
92021Biocompatibility Testing of Liquid Metal as an Interconnection Material for Flexible Implant TechnologyForemny, Katharina; NAGELS, Steven ; Kreienmeyer, Michaela; Doll, Theodor; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
102021Oxygen Gas and UV Barrier Properties of Nano-ZnO-Coated PET and PHBHHx Materials Fabricated by Ultrasonic Spray-Coating TechniqueABBAS, Mohsin ; BUNTINX, Mieke ; DEFERME, Wim ; REDDY, Naveen ; PEETERS, Roos Journal ContributionA1
112021Printed Electronics (PE) as an enabling technology to realize flexible mass customized smart applicationsMACHIELS, Jarne ; verma, Akash; appeltans, Raf; BUNTINX, Mieke ; Ferraris, Eleonora; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA2
122021Monitoring Body Fluids in Textiles: Combining Impedance and Thermal Principles in a Printed, Wearable, and Washable SensorJOSE, Manoj ; OUDEBROUCKX, Gilles ; BORMANS, Seppe ; Veske, Paula; THOELEN, Ronald ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
132021Fully printed, stretchable and wearable bioimpedance sensor on textiles for tomographyJOSE, Manoj ; LEMMENS, Marijn ; BORMANS, Seppe ; THOELEN, Ronald ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
142021Ultrasonic spray coating of gold nanoparticles: A comprehensive study on the surface coverage and position of Au-NPs in the hole injection layer of OLEDs for an optimized luminous efficacySHANIVARASANTHE NITHYANANDA KUMAR, Rachith ; Eerdekens, Maarten; REDDY, Naveen ; Verbiest, Thierry; DEFERME, Wim Proceedings PaperC1
152021Ultrasonic Spray Coating of Silver Nanowire‐Based Electrodes for Organic Light‐Emitting DiodesVERBOVEN, Inge ; SILVANO, Joao ; ELEN, Ken ; PELLAERS, Hilde ; RUTTENS, Bart ; D'HAEN, Jan ; VAN BAEL, Marlies ; HARDY, An ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
162021Screen Printed Antennas on Fiber-Based Substrates for Sustainable HF RFID Assisted E-Fulfilment Smart PackagingMACHIELS, Jarne ; Appeltans, Raf; Bauer, Dieter Klaus; Segers, Elien; Henckens, Zander; Van Rompaey, Wouter; ADONS, Dimitri ; Peeters, Roos; Geissler, Marie; Kuehnoel, Katrin; Tempel, Lydia; Weissbach, Thomas; Huebler, Arved Carl; Verma, Akash; Ferraris, Eleonora; DEFERME, Wim ; BUNTINX, Mieke Journal ContributionA1
172020Layer Morphology and Ink Compatibility of Silver Nanoparticle Inkjet Inks for Near-Infrared SinteringREENAERS, Dieter ; MARCHAL, Wouter ; Biesmans, Ianto; NIVELLE, Philippe ; D'HAEN, Jan ; DEFERME, Wim Journal ContributionA1
182020Miniaturized and Thermal‐Based Measurement System to Measure Moisture in Textile MaterialsSchonfisch, David; Goeddel, Michael; Blinn, Joerg; Heyde, Christian; Schlarb, Heiko; DEFERME, Wim ; Picard, AntoniJournal ContributionA1
192020Velocity and size measurement of droplets from an ultrasonic spray coater using photon correlation spectroscopy and turbidimetryVERDING, Pieter ; DEFERME, Wim ; Steffen, WernerJournal ContributionA1
202020Photo-induced copper-mediated (meth) acrylate polymerization towards graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide modificationRAILIAN, Svitlana ; HAVEN, Joris ; MAES, Lowie ; DE SLOOVERE, Dries ; Trouillet, V; Welle, A; ADRIAENSENS, Peter ; VAN BAEL, Marlies ; HARDY, An ; DEFERME, Wim ; JUNKERS, Tanja Journal ContributionA1